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The police ride around our neighborhood on a regular basis. Crime rate is low in our area. Our neighborhood is safe. Everyone watches out for each other.
There are grocery stores and a post office nearby. The mall is a few minutes away. Our area is easily accessible to the highway.
Not much crime, although drugs seem to on the rise in this area.
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Great place to raise a family. Needs to provide more job opportunity to attract a younger demographic.
it seems to be a nice quiet neighborhood.Not much to do, but their are decent amount of stores and restaurants.
There is frequent flooding when there are bad storms but they are doing a lot to try and help this problem. The roads are awful and the construction is always going on but rarely do the roads improve. When the weather is bad then they roads are harder to travel on.
There are more local restaurants that are around compared to chain restaurants. I think the sourcing from local farms is just like every other area and bigger grocery stores support local farmers and mark where the produce comes from. The city had a bigger nightlife and local bars are usually packed on the weekends.
The communities are very close and word travels very fast. It is hard to keep your own live private. There are many pets that live in the area and people are usually friendly with it. When there are events held there is a large friendly community that is surrounding it.
There are a moderate amount of shopping places and stores to go to but it is beginning to grow a little bit. The restaurants and bars are usually locally owned and there are not many huge chain restaurants that dominate that area.
There is an increase in the amount of Hispanic people moving to the area. However, the majority of people live here throughout their lives and either decide to stay and raise their families or move on to better places to live.
There is not much to do around here but the local restaurants are great for people who are visiting to eat at. I think carnivals and holiday events are really the only things for people to do.
Most job opportunities are based on who you know. If you don't know someone to pull strings and help you get a job then there is no hope finding a job which you are qualified for and receive a decent salary. Jobs are often given to family members or friends before people who are better qualified for the position.
The newer developments are expensive but a better area to live in. The house lots are spacious and give you more privacy. Older homes are build a lot closer together which does not help with the privacy feeling.
There are quality hospitals around here with some good doctors. There are a lot of people who abuse drugs and alcohol and not many people who exercise regularly.
You have to usually go on adventures by yourself because there is not much that is mapped out for you. There are a few parks that you can go to for outdoor adventures which is very nice to go to. I enjoy being outdoors and the woods around us provide a lot of exploring opportunities.
I've seem my area and my street become more heavy with crime. The people on my street always get out of crimes and are in and out of jail. Their mother pulls strings to limit their consequences. I feel very unsafe at night by myself even just walking to the street.
The roads around here are awful. The closest airport does not serve many flights which makes you travel to another airport to receive a connecting flight which limits many options. It is easier to drive 2 hours to a larger airport to get better flight options. The turnpikes are a great way to go to other major cities.
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There are sometimes fun things to do around but the area is beginning to see more crimes. The amount of younger kids getting in trouble in in school is quite large.
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