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Blair is a fairly small town when compared with Omaha. It has many major fast food chains and Wal-mart but there aren't many other dining options. It has a couple of bars but no night clubs or any other night time activities.
I love Blair, and the small town feel. Growing up, I always felt safe and at home. More recently, Blair has begun to grown and expand which has sadly taken a toll on the safety I feel living here. Regardless, everyone is still always so kind, caring and compassionate.
I have went to school in Blair and lived in Blair my whole life. The Blair community is very tight knit and cares for one another. The town has both urban and rural living which is what small towns have and I think it is helpful to grow up in a small town.
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I liked the small population of the town of Blair. The public schools are decent and the community has many friendly and inviting individuals in it.
The crime rate has been increasing lately, but it is still a relatively safe environment. For example, I do not worry about leaving my keys in my car. There is a problem with drugs and stealing, but the police work very hard to protect the community.
Compared to big cities, this town is safe and friendly. In town, there are volunteer opportunities, entertainment, and many churches. We are a growing community, both with new residents and new businesses.
Blair is a small town, so a lot of people know each other, which gives it a friendly atmosphere. I feel very safe in Blair and never worry about going places alone or walking outside alone. I would definitely choose to live here over a bigger city.
I feel like our police just like to mess around, not actually do good for our community
Our police force is to concerned about following teenagers every single spot that they go that they don't pay attention to the crime. When crimes do happen they don't do much to prevent it, punish, or investigate
Most of the housing in Blair is very unique
you can get all four seasons in one day here
Blair doesn't have enough restaurants, it has way to many fast food places and bars.
With Blair being such a small town there is very little employment opportunity.
The housing in this area is very nice there is adequate spacing in between houses and there aren't a lot of abandoned properties and the ones that were are bought by the fire department and used for practice fires.
There are many local parks in Blair and there are also many recreational parks within an hours drive and there are also a few wildlife refuges.
There is little to no crime in Blair you have your occasional drug bust or minor robbery from a store but nothing to where it puts the public in danger.
Their are defiantly four seasons in this area both summer and early fall are both rather warm and humid and then spring and winter are cooler and winter especially is very dry.
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There are a couple of different restaurants in the area there are a few Mexican restaurants and then there are several pizzerias, and there are a few Italian places and then of course there are some fast food restaurants and you cant forget about the local bars in town.
Many of the employers in the area are all very lenient on their schedules and are very understanding if you need to take time off for a family emergency
Blair is still a small enough town that it has the mom-and-pop shops and it is also a growing town so it is also a town with some outside resources but those resources make their store so that the other mom-and-pop shops can still thrive
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