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Weather is freezing in winter and dreary in summer
The area is okay if you like small towns
Community is generally nice, although they mostly keep to themselves
Review Blair Township
Good variety of stores. Both big companies and small local shops.
Crime is not a problem in the area and the area feels secure.
Good variety of places to eat with both local and chain restaurants.
Houses are mostly high-end and attractive.
Jobs are available and most people are employed.
No sidewalks but little to no traffic
the winter of 2013-2014 was awful w/ below average temps and record snowfalls and extended length summers are mild and humid spring & fall are beautiful
many chain restaurants and fast food joints there are a few locally successful establishments
there are plenty of facilities and activities available but many folks are overweight and only get out 6-7 months of the years because of harsh winters
the housing in this area is fairly level and very diverse many homes are rural & well maintained and services
there is state & local police presence, lots of volunteer fire dept some local codes are just for the fees and do not do much for the community
there has been a large upswing in jobs due to oil & gas in pa. many service industries that pay minimum wages or not much better
being centrally located between larger metro areas there is a large drug presence in the area
decent many local events for sporting events outdoorsy functions community events motorcycle rallies
Review Blair Township
born and raised here cost of living is low and housing values are level most of my family is located here
central pa is a great place for outdoorsy folks. 4 seasons, lot of nature, animals, etc
shops are ok lots of big box stores vs local establishments. strong buy local movement w/ radio play, tv ads, billboard signs etc. many restaurants, also too many. there are only 2 home improvement stores with 30 mins. many smaller more hardware stores w/ decent selections & costs many auto service shops but it took a while to finally find a shop I like and don't feel like they are there just to overcharge me
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