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Love the beaches, they need a better elementary school
I would move back if there were more places from rent.
Blaine is a very small town in the border of Canada. Very pretty area with many parks and trails. Few commercial activities but super good restaurants.
Blaine is a very quiet city but in the winter it can be really cold. It usually snows and the roads can be icy. I Blaine because it has a quiet and peaceful small town feel because it is far away from big cities like Seattle. The only thing I do not like is everything is really far apart so it is almost impossible to get anywhere without driving or taking the bus. Usually there is not very many people around the city until Spring or Summer when tourists come and more recreational activities are open. Blaine is beautiful in the Spring and Summer and the weather is usually very nice unless it snows or rains.
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Low crime rate. Feel very safe here.
My experience living here has been grrat. Lots of outdoor activities and great people.
We have Cust Cutter that's all we need
You can find any store you need around here.
I myself can find a job that I like. Most people don't because they don't look. Since May, I started living here I still don't start working because, I'm going to college. As soon I get stabled I will look for a job.The employment is wonderful. There's a lot to chose.
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