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I like Blaine because it is a safe area. There are a lot of families around and kid friendly. The area is pretty clean and there are various amounts of shopping malls, markets, and gas stations. Buildings are conveniently located and easy to find. Parking is not hard to find and travel time is not an issue.
I like that the city has expanded and grown over the years becoming one of the prime suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul. I think that it could work on Highway 65, as that road has created many problems over the years and could use a makeover.
Blaine is a great area to live in outside of the Minnesota suburbs. Very close to popular restaurants and the well-known Blaine Sports Center that many people from around the world visit annually.
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I'm currently a resident of Blaine Minnesota and have been living here for two years. I really enjoy the convenience of the city; the easy access to major highways, retail and local businesses close by. The city also has beautiful and welcoming neighborhoods that help me feel that my family is safe. The night life around the city is typical for a suburb; there's bowling, restaurants, and sporting events at the near by Shwann's Stadium. One thing I would like to see change is more community gatherings in-order to get my family more involved with the city itself. Overall Blaine is an amazing city that provides prime real estate and day to day convenience. I look forward to staying with in the city and raising my family here.
Blaine is a very quiet region of the suburbs. The community is very friendly and supportive of one another. There are many great places to go to for recreation and leisure.
There are many great community activities and facilities to take advantage of. In the summertime there are many youth programs that are fun and interactive, and some in the winter as well. They have good public schools as well.
I’ve lived in Blaine for the last 20 years of my life, aside from a short stint in the Peace Corps. I’ve seen it expand beyond reasonable measure. It seems that the city did not expect such an epidemic boom of population in this suburb. I do not like the traffic on hwy 65 and 610W during rush hour. But, there is hardly any crime. People keep to themselves in the neighborhoods. We have the National Sports Center that draws in an annual Soccer Cup from people all over the globe. There are many fun 5’ks, garage sales, concerts, games, etc that are held there to bring the community together. Blaine is a wonderful suburb to move and work in. Play, work, relax is all in one city!
I love living in Blaine. Their aren't many things to do within the city limits of Blaine which causes us to go into the city limits of Minneapolis a great deal. The commute is not too bad.
Blaine is a wonderful community that has great libraries as well as public schools. This is obviously a quickly growing area and many of the commodities are not adapting. Biggest of this is the schools. Blaine Highschool needs to be its own district. Many people are leaving Blaine because it is not a good environment for the students. Despite this, Blaine has wonderful cost of living and is an extremely safe area. It has a very diverse population and has a solid commute time relative to the Twin Cities.
I'd like more details in the rating system, but I liked Niche. It gives a basic look at places to live, especially from current residents, which is very helpful. Also, because I have kids, it's important to rate the schools and family activities.
Living in Blaine is awesome if you do not living in the Minneapolis Urban area. The schools are great and they have great programming for children with autism. I receive great support for my children, both are autistic with limited verbal skills. The neighbors watch out for my children just in case one in particular bolts out of the house and down the street. I have no problems with taking walks in my neighborhood day or night. Neighbors try to be respectful to one another.
It's a safe place to live
People are friendly, atmostphere is fresh. I love to live here
The crime and safety in this area is really good. You don't hear anything bad happening or see a ton of crimes going on.
The area is pretty cool for older adults. I'm 20 so I'm looking for something more fun and lively. It's also quiet at night but everybody is out during the day!
There is hardly any crime here. There will be the occasional speeder or breaking into cars but it is rare. The Blaine police are quick to respond and are always friendly. I have no concerns
The area of Blaine is great. Great people and great local businesses that are all close together for easy commute. The place is clean and there is hardly any crime that happens
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Very safe, never ever feel unsafe.
I haven't really seen anything that would be considered unsafe, like I said pretty safe neigboorhoods
People are very friendly and a great place to raise a family
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