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it is very beautiful and the whole town just spills beauty and at times it can be weird and funny but everyone in blaine is really nice and knows what they're talking about and it can be bad but we can always fix it and nothing bad could happen
Although I wish there was a lot more diversity, Blaine has a great outdoor scene. It is very family friendly and everyone is super nice. It’s an overall great place to live.
The community is very welcoming. Neighbors are always stopping each other to talk and ask about their lives. Depending on your location in Blaine can be different. "The Lakes" and "Club West" are more lavish and expensive homes.

Good employment opening for teens wanting a first job is National Sports Center.
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The neighborhood is excellent and very safe. I love everything about Blaine. It is very easy to commute to and from places you want to go, as there is a metro station nearby.
I absolutely love living in Blaine! Blaine is a growing city that provides me with all of the services that I need. I'm easily able to shop for groceries, find cute clothing to wear, and be involved in a bunch of recreational activities. Blaine is a great city for having a family, as the city provides plenty of opportunities for all ages to be involved in an activity of their choice!
Blaine is a wonderful place to raise children. The city has many diverse people from many backgrounds that live here. The city could bring more things for families to do.
It is a very updated town with lots of attractions to offer. There is many local restaurants, schools, and a mostly safe child friendly community.
The neighboorhood is a suburban upbringing city that has been expanding slowly throughout the past couple of years. I moved here last fall and I have noticed that the town is quite clean and has strong restrictions which are enjoyable as it shows that they do care about their rules and the townspeople. There are no noisy neighbors (so far). The only cons to living here are that Central Avenue is full of traffic, there are sirens from the North heading South every day and the shops are spaced out which looks great but teh commute is tragic. Overall, if the streets were wider and the stores were closer together (e.g.: The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes, Maple Grove, MN) I would say this would be one of the best looking and to live in cities in MN.
Blaine is a golf course on a hill of lakes, but instead of playing in it we live in it. The people make the area special. Everyone greets people of different ethnicities with a smile. The location allows easy access to wherever you want to be. The place is so peaceful that it allows harmony to free flow. I love Blaine.
I love Blaine. I live close to basically everything and my child's school is amazing. I plan to continue living here, eventually buying a home. There are a lot of new homes being built within the Blaine community as well. It is extremely family friendly
I love the City of Blaine!! It is conveniently located near St. Paul and Minneapolis. I would like to see an improvement of traffic safety on Highway 65.
Traffic on hwy 65 is always awful, but they have great stores. The cub there is the best, and New China has the absolute best Chinese food!
I have lived in Blaine my entire life. I have attended the public schools in my area and overall, it is a great community but is being overdeveloped. They want to add things that are not necessary.
Good neighborhoods and school system. Local high school is a engineering magnet with a good program.
I like Blaine because it is not too busy, but there is a good amount of diversity within the neighborhoods. I wish that there were more local businesses, but the few that exist truly add to the community here. I have only lived here for about nine years, but in that short time, I have met people here that I know will be lifelong friends. Overall, Blaine is a wonderful place to live, and I would definitely consider living here even after I complete my college education.
Based on my personal experience, Blaine is a good city to bring up your child, as it is secure, had may school, blended community and is fast growing and expanding. I most say here that lately the cost of living have been on the rise, but the neighborhood is still worth living there.
It's really great living in Blaine. The only thing I would change is the fact that there are a lot of construction projects going on in the city right now, and it can cause some troubles, especially when driving around. Other than that, the city is pretty safe, and the schools are good. It's easy to find things to do in Blaine, and restaurants are never very far away, especially since Highway 65 goes through part of the city.
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Great neighborhood and place to raise a family. Only 20 minutes away from the twin cities, this city is beautiful. The only weird thing is how the City is divided into 3 different school districts depending on where you live.
I wish it had less traffic. Accidents happen often here and are usually pretty bad. There are a bunch of good places for food though and the Target in the middle is convenient. I love living here
Blaine is a great city in many ways! There’s always something to do, and I personally never get tired of the city. It’s a well put together middle class city that has just about anything you could think of. At Blaine, we are the home of the national sports center. Many huge events take place there which makes the city just that much more special. There are many fun restaurants, activity ideas, and hang out spots in the city.
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