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7 reviews
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Since moving to the town of Bladensburg my family and I have had a great experience, the neighborhood in which we live is quite diverse. During the night there is not any noise outside during the weekend, occasionally on weekends when a neighbor may be having a party but parties do not occur often so it is no big deal within the neighborhood when someone does have one. Also are two elementary school by for little ones and a high school near by as well. You also have easy access to beltways and highways which is great if you have to commute for work.
Bladensburg is a nice little town. The neighbors are friendly and you can see a nice blend of cultures.
most of the kids go to the community center.
There are not many vacant or abandoned properties in the area. The rent is reasonable.
I have not had any problems.
My apartment complex does not have people hanging out on the front porch. So I dont have to ask people to move when I need to get into my building. It is quiet at night.
Its nice but quite some it's always something going on with people when stuff is going on .
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