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A great place to raise a Family. Plenty of Single homes as well as apartments and townhouses.
This area is very close to the Mall. 2 minute access to the Route 42. 5 minute access to the Black Horse Pike (Route 168). 1 hours from Atlantic city.
Great Schools both High School and Elementary Schools.
It has a great suburban environment and I enjoy the community, I have attended classes at Camden County College.
Black wood is a nice suburban area to grow up and/or raise a family in. There are three shopping centers, a few local gyms, responsible police, a well education system and a clean, pleasant park. This Park contains two soccer fields, two base ball field, two playgrounds for kids, and two full basketball courts. I have spent quite a bit of time in Blackwood and I love the area. I would recommend someone to visit.
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What I like most about Blackwood is that there are literally all of the schools you'd need to go to right within distance of each other. So there's Blackwood Elementary and then a little down the road, Charles W. Lewis school, then again up the road Highland High School and back down the road is the community college Camden County. Perfect for growing up and jumping to one school to the next. I do wish there were more major stores nearby like Walmart, but equally as exciting is the new outlets that opened up near the Autumn Ridge Apts and college! It's a great place to shop and enjoy your time.
Blackwood is a wonderful place to live. It is very safe and the people are generally kind and friendly. The schools are good quality and there is great food.
Blackwood has good schools and good programs for the children. Theyou take care of the town and they have a lot of police awareness. Overall, it's a good place to live.
Blackwood overall is a cute little town to live in. The school systems are great. There's also a lot of building up in the area that's going on with the new Outlets that were just built. Also, Camden County College is right by the Outlets so if you're going to school that's a great opportunity for a part time job.
It is a town I grew up in and is quaint. I have lived here my entire life. I enjoy that it is close to the city while still being far enough away. There are multiple schools within driving distance.
Some good places to eat, with the new outlets, there are finally good places to shop. I moved here 4 years ago, love my neighborhood, Valleybrook Golf and Country Club.
There are alot of drugs in the neighborhoods, but they arent over run by it.
Blackwood is a small community, filled with parks and now a brand new outlet mall. It has increased job opportunities and within the past year and it added so much more to our community. People have found a new respect for Blackwood since the outlets opened.
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