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Property being stolen from friends and family has become worse over the last 10 years or so in Blackstone. I had personally never known of anyone being murdered in the town but that happened just a few months ago. The police are around often, no concerns there.
I've lived in Blackstone for most of my life. Growing up i always thought very highly of the town. Lately though, it seems crime and drugs have become more of a problem. My brother has had two of his bikes stolen, my uncles and friends 4wheelers have been stolen. And lastly just a few months ago a man was murdered just four houses down from me.
A nice small quiet town to live in. Blackstone has the curse and blessing of being in between all the major cities in this region, mostly Boston and Providence. The town is surrounded by forests and trails which are great. I'd probably live in something like here again if I had the chance.
I hate this town and cannot wait to move back to my hometown. Thank god this is only a temporary stop.
If someone has experience, it is good. Without experience, it is nearly impossible to get a job.
Close fire station, police station is a bit far. Corrupt, selfish city counsel.
There are some store around, both chains and mom-and-pop shops, but little variety.
The health and fitness in this area, aren't great but they are not terrible. This area has some drug/alcohol problems, but currently in the state, every spot is having that issue.
Between dpw, police, and the fire department they are exceptionally outstanding!
I feel extremely safe with the law enforcement in my town.
The weather here is absolutely Great!!!
There are some good restaurants in this area. Most are affordable and have very good food!
There are not many Job opportunities in this area. The people who have jobs keep them, and don't really leave. Usually it's the older generation.
This town has several stores, there aren't many, but what we do have are okay. We have everything from restaurants to gas stations in this town.
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