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Best college town out there! Sure DT could have a few more bars, but the food is great and the people are greater.
I've lived in Blacksburg for all of the seven years I've been at Virginia Tech, and I can safely say that I genuinely enjoy living here. Although the town has its downsides, like it's large distance from anything close to a city and the crowded student housing, Blacksburg is an awesome small town overall. It's relatively quiet most of the year with a low crime rate, miles of walking / biking trails, lots of green space, excellent public schools, and a university that fuels learning and education in the surrounding areas. It's a little far on the rural side, but if you're not a total city slicker, it's a very nice town to live in that also doesn't have a ridiculous cost of living.
Small town with a large public university (Virginia Tech). Friendly town. Lots of University activities. Mountains and New River close by.
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This is a great town to live in! I maybe be biased because I came from a small town but this place has everything. A variety of restaurants, several kinds of entertainment, and the diversity of people(This is a college town of course!). I am currently a student but I plan to stay here for the long haul.
Awesome college town! Lot's of outdoorsy things to do - biking/hiking/camping. Plus downtown area is super nice.
Only complaints are about the weather, in the Winter you can expect to experience all 4 seasons in 1 day. In every season there are tons of fun in-door and out-door activities and clubs that you can find on Facebook for all of them. Try rock climbing and kayaking!
Blacksburg is a beautiful small town, quietly nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains of Southwest Virginia. Quaint, family owned restaurants line the streets of downtown to complete the "Main Street" vibe. Family friendly, active residents, live music, farmers markets, outdoor gathering spaces, and close to proximity to outdoor recreation hallmark this town. Can get crowded when classes are in session at Virginia Tech, students and locals are actively learning to grow together. Absolutely wonderful place to spend any amount of time; especially longer stays.
I am there for school and it's a really nice place to live. Even during the summer when all the students are gone its still really nice and peaceful.
Blacksburg is home to a Big Time University of Virginia Tech, however, it continues to keep that small town vibe. The community feels like one big family and everyone is willing to help. It is a very welcoming community with lots to offer, but will make you feel right at home at the same time.
Blacksburg is a great town. It has a little town feel but has a diverse population. Center of Arts puts on weekly events in the summer that are family friendly and there are a plenty of great, local restaurants.
Small town made up mostly of University crowd. Scenic views, easy connectivity, great restaurants and events and a very safe environment.
I have absolutely loved living in Blacksburg. The atmosphere is welcoming and the people are usually very nice. Blacksburg is located in the mountains, and so there are plenty of outdoor activities from hiking to tubing down the river to site-seeing.
Its a great place to live. A safe community. The schools are great. Our family feels safe. The University helps with the town having Diversity.
I love Blacksburg! Even though it is a college town it still has a small town feel. The locals are great and it very much a great place to live.
It a nice cute little place. There's lots of hikes in the area and a great place if you like the outdoors.
Beautiful town! There is a strong sense of community with lots to do, from farmer's markets to Virginia Tech football games!
Great college town and place to raise children. Friendly people and has lots of trails for hiking and other activities. Blacksburg has some of the most beautiful views for hiking as it is in a mountainous area.
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Very friendly, safe area. You get the small town feel but still get a lot of city perks. Outdoor life is very big here, they invest a lot of money on trails and parks.
Food is definitely number one reason why I chose Virginia Tech. Number one dining service in the nation!
Bus system: BT transit is very nice. Some buses run until 2 am.

Weather: Weather is so extreme; can snow and be sunny in same week!
middle of nowhere: Have to go to Christiansburg to do anything
Recently moved here amazing college town tucked in the mountains. Perfect for outdoor activities including hiking, boating, tubing, walking, wildlife viewing and so much more. Considerable amount of local delicious dining and shopping. Decent name brand shopping and dining as well. Would love to see a Hobby Lobby though, I miss that.
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