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98 reviews
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Food is definitely number one reason why I chose Virginia Tech. Number one dining service in the nation!
Bus system: BT transit is very nice. Some buses run until 2 am.

Weather: Weather is so extreme; can snow and be sunny in same week!
middle of nowhere: Have to go to Christiansburg to do anything
Recently moved here amazing college town tucked in the mountains. Perfect for outdoor activities including hiking, boating, tubing, walking, wildlife viewing and so much more. Considerable amount of local delicious dining and shopping. Decent name brand shopping and dining as well. Would love to see a Hobby Lobby though, I miss that.
Blacksburg has been my home for almost two years now. I as a college student, it's the perfect place to begin or even continue education. To anyone interested in raising a family here, I can say it's a very safe and community friendly area. There is no place like home, and home is where there heart is. My heart is in this wonderful Montgomery county.
I love how everybody here is so kind. Strangers passing you say "hello, how are you" in such a genuine voice. People here drive very safely. I feel safe running at night since this is a college town.
Blacksburg is your typical college town nestled away in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. It's a place that explodes on Saturdays in the fall when Hokie football reigns. But right outside of town you can find some of the most beautiful views that you can imagine. From hiking the Cascades to floating down the New River, it truly is a place for everyone.
We moved to Blacksburg three years ago for a job with Tech. We have two kids and couldn't be happier with the schools and the community. It is a wonderful place to go to college, raise kids, buy a home and retire.
What a great town! A major university, great schools, friendly shopping area, suburb restaurants, picturesque views and fabulous hiking trails! Blacksburg has it all!
Great small-town to live in. Local college, Virginia Tech, has awesome sports and wonderful food. Farmer's Market and town events make for a small-town feel on the suburbs of Roanoke.
This is a small town with so much packed into it! There are outdoor activities, great restaurants, and plenty of nightlife. It's great for college-aged residents, in addition to being a great retirement area.
Even though Blacksburg, VA is a college town, is it still very nice. The best thing about it is all the different kinds of food.
Blacksburg, VA is a busy college town with lots of activities and people to get to know. It's a green-conscious town and has a lot to offer those who are interested in clean eating and sustainable living. There are limited job opportunities outside of VA Tech University, this is the only reason we decided to move. It's an amazing place to live and be in community with others.
I am currently living here because my boyfriend attends Virginia Tech. So does everybody else- but me. SO everything is centered around and focused on VT, there are students everywhere, people are constantly having parties- and there was a sexual assault email that got sent around just today. I must say, I am not a fan of Blacksburg. I am not that big of a fan of VT either, and I believe that to be the main problem, especially since I am not a student- and things are not as open to me as they are to them. You can walk to campus from pretty much anywhere, with some resilience- and if you care enough. The place I moved into has a property manager that does not help, and a mold problem due to the age of the property, as well as hard water... overall, I just cannot wait to leave this place.
It is a typical college town (college of over 25,000) in a small, rural town of only about 10,000. There's only one public high school for the whole town; that's how small it is. There is a lot to do, IF you are into the great outdoors. There are mountains to hike, waterfalls to explore, and tons of different farms to see. You are also very close to places like Luray caverns, the city of Roanoke, West Virginia, and North Carolina. The school draws a diverse crowd of residents, as well as musicians and art exhibits that the whole town can experience.
Blacksburg is a quaint little town that packs a pretty big punch--serving as the homeplace of one of the best colleges in the country, it's amazing how much life has been pumped into this otherwise quiet mountain town.
I love the atmosphere in Blacksburg. Everyone is friendly and the city is very safe feeling. There is so much diversity in town. The restaurants are good and there is always something to do.
Blacksburg is a very diverse community, it's filled with all kinds of different and very kind people. The buildings and homes are unique and the streets are safe so many people are walking around and enjoying life. One thing I would change though, is their are tons of fast food restaurants so it is quite hard to eat super healthy.
Virginia Tech, tech, tech, tech, tech, tech, tech.
It's awesome. I love tech. Tech, tech, tech, tech.
Because of the smallness of the town, there is not a lot of crime that happens!
I love the area. It's really beautiful, especially being in the Appalachian Mountains! It's a very rural college town, which I love!
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