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The schools are great in this area. Most people are friendly. The roads are terrible, work is being done but the construction on what is being done makes no sense. People of dying is high here, a lot of car accidents, and shootings downtown. There are always stray cats and the town is pet and family friendly to the community.
We have shootings all the time around Jackson. I had things stolen from my house and the sad part is know who stole them but no one can do anything about it without the proof.
It's an okay place to live in. Not sure if I want to spend my life in a trailor park. But it's a home, security and a roof is over my head so cannot complain.
Review Blackman Charter Township
While there may be a few happenings relating to safety, I myself have never felt at risk or in danger due to criminal activity.
Considering I have never lived anywhere else for a long period of time, I have no way to compare it to any other locations, but so far it has been a nice place to live.
The city I live in just keeps getting worse and it really scares me sometimes. Jackson used to be a nice and safe place to live. Police are only visible at the end of the month when they need their quota.
The city and area i live in is small, i would prefer living in a bigger town because there are more people and everyone doesn't know everyone.
There is some crime in my city but it is not bad in my part of town. The roads are not the nicest but They seem to fill pot holes within a week or two which is nice.
In my area, we have been building more dinners and improving the overall look of some of the buildings. Yes we do have arts of town that are not so easy one the eyes but in most parts we have a very nice town and very nice people as well.
There is a ton of crime in jackson, but jackson has some of the biggest prisons in the state of Michigan. I feel like our police do a very good job about the crimes that go on. There are a lot of drug dealing and gangs here in jackson.
Growing up here was filled with many life lessons and experiences. I would never want to start a family here, Jackson is not where I want to live when I get older. Im glad I am even getting out of Michigan for college. The atmosphere here is alright. Jackson is a pretty big area, but I feel like there is not enough going on. There is a lot of crime and I do not want to be around that as I get older. I would like to live in a safer area.
by schools houses are nice-in city they are dirty
great close to schools but worse down town
most crime happens down town
there is not much to do besides go out to eat here
Houses are the perfect size. Perfect for families.
Most of my neighbors are people that I grew up with so we are a pretty tightly-knit neighborhood which is nice.
Review Blackman Charter Township
If any crimes have happened in my area, they have been so minor that I have not really heard about them.
The country areas are beautifu and open When you get into the city of Jackson. The living style is crappy. There are not many job opportunities and many of Jackson's roads are terrible to drive on.
There could be a better sense of community.
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