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26 reviews
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I have lived in Blacklick for about 15 years now and will be very sad to leave for college in a few months. But over these past years strangers have become friends and friends have become family the community has been so good to me and my family it will truly be missed
Its a great place to live for a family with children or only couples. There is a reasonable amount of grocery stores not far from any house around it, and its not far from downtown its probablt 10 mins away without traffic.
My experience living in Blacklick has been Great. I love how safe of a community it is. There are a few homes that are dedicated to being block watch to help keep the children safe; not to mention, the law enforcement that live with in the community. I like that there are a lot of family friendly things to do less than 2 miles away. Few examples, horse farm, restaurants for both children and adult, and parks.
The flip side to this is public schools. Blacklick does not public schools with in the district. The children have to go to Columbus public schools. However, there are a lot of private schools. For the cost of living I would say this is a great place to live.
Police cruise through every single night, and it is not an unsafe neighborhood in general.
It is a solitary neighborhood, everyone keeps to themselves but are friendly to one another.
But it can be better
I have the best neighbors in the world. I just hate the schools
If I had a choice I would not live here again. There is a lot of crime there and the people there are not friendly at all
I would like to have more stores and a better mall.
It would be nice to have privacy.
The people that are active, you can tell.
There is constantly some kind of crime.
It is like we do not even have four seasons.
Most places are rude and have horrible quality.
A top company would have to be McDonalds.
Popular stores in my area happen to be a Family Dollar and a small deli. There are a few gas stations located about 2 miles from my house. We have multiple fast food restaurants near me.
The weather is usually Spring like
It is okay. As someone who does not really go out a lot I would have to say that I am quite unsure about the restaurant options and night life I am unsure about this topic.
I know of plenty of students and adults that have jobbs in the area I live in and I think it is great.
It is all pretty average. I live in a valley like school district so the stores near me are Kroger and Giant Eagle and they pretty much have the food conveniences that people need. Also we have Family Dollars that help us grab things that we need quick, easy , and on the go.
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