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I love Elburn. It's my home and where I grew up. I wanted to experience something new so I'm going to school in Colorado and was surprised about how much I missed home.
This area is very kid friendly with many bike paths and parks.
Although the winter's can become bitter cold and not very enjoyable, all other seasons are wonderful. The summer's are great and perfect for spending time outside and enjoying the sun and hot weather. Spring and fall are nice, although the fall can get cold pretty quick. Our town is pretty during all seasons.
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With being in a small town, there isn't many options for night life. There are no restaurants that are open 24/7. Although there are a few bars that are very popular. There is also a few good dinner options, not just fast food. We always have the cutest little ice cream shop that is very well liked.
Elburn is a small town so there is only so many places to apply for jobs at. Although the town is growing so there are becoming more and more job opportunities. Just a short drive will lead you to more populated areas where you will find many more job opportunities. Many of my friends work in retail or fast food.
One of my childhood best friend's mom owns the local Elburn hair salon, Hair Directors. Sue Filek, the owner, is amazing at doing hair and my mom and I both have been getting our hair done by her for the past 12 years. Whether it is a cut, color, or up-do for a special event, Sue is always our go to person! There are a few other ladies that work there with her as well, and they're all amazing. Hair Directors is a nice, clean place, and they are always very inviting. You will enjoy your time spent there getting your hair done, and never want to consider going to any other hair salon after going there!
O'hare airport is 45 minutes away. Many bike paths. A lot of parking downtown, some places are free and some are not. A parking garage is also located downtown. Geneva commons has tons of parking along with a lot of the other business's along Randall road. Ive seen a couple of bus stops, but I don't take the bus.
The outdoor parks are all very clean. Very pretty outdoor paths.
The public schools are all amazing with some of the top scores in the state. Some articles have come out that have said

Geneva Community high school is one of the best in the state.
There are many subdivisions in Geneva. Mill Creek, Eaglebrook, Fisher Farms are the popular ones. A lot of cookie cutter houses are in the subdivisions, but most have good yard space and they are very clean. Downtown geneva is where a lot of the different houses are that are beautiful. Some houses are a little older, but downtown Geneva is beautiful. They are currently starting another subdivision by the Geneva commons and it looks very pretty and is in a great spot. There is also always houses for sale in all the subdivisions.
There is many bike paths and outdoor parks to exercise with many more in surrounding towns that aren't that far away. There is a public water park that is very nice. Also a very large golf course in Mill Creek. There are 3 very popular indoor workout facilities around town. I always see people running on the outdoor paths with their kids or pets.
Geneva is a very safe town. People always say the cops don't have anything to do so they pick on teenagers, whether thats true or not I've never felt unsafe at school or walking around town.
Normal Midwest weather. Hot summers and cold winters.
There is amazing restaurants and bars in Geneva. My favorites are Bien Trucha which is very popular Mexican restaurant and The Grotto which is a very good Italian restaurant. Many other popular restaurants are Foxfire, Niche, Hotel Baker, Chiantis, Egg Harbor, Wildwood, and Aurelios. Also other popular chain restaurants like california pizza kitchen, Buffalo wild wings, Claddagh, Houlihan's, and many others.
There's a lot of jobs for highschoolers from all the family owned stores and chains, but places like Delnor Hospital and Dentist offices, and many other places for adults to work. Many big corporations are in surrounding towns like St.Charles, but Chicago is only 45 minute to an hour drive for other work.
My address technically says I live in Elburn, but Geneva is where I grew up and went to school. Randall Road is filled with big name shopping stores and food places, and downtown Geneva has only 2 chains, the rest are small business and restaurants. Popular stores and restaurants in downtown include The Little Traveler, Grahams, All Chocolate Kitchen, The Grotto, Bien Trucha, and Cocoon. Randall road has famous chain restaurants like Panera, Chipotle, Starbucks, Boston Market, and especially Portillos. Also almost any popular fast food places like McDonalds and Wendy's. The Geneva Commons has the most popular chain restaurants and shopping. Places like California Pizza kitchen, Buffalo Wild Wings, Crate and Barrel, Forever 21, American Eagle, Ann Taylor, New York and Company, and many other popular stores.
This area is very limited in bars and drink options, but vastly diverse in food options. There are cuisines from all corners of the world, including excellent Thai food, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, and more. There are both classic and fusion style restaurants and food that is guaranteed to please even the pickiest of eaters.
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I would say that the overall job market is relatively stagnant as of late. There are not many new businesses. Many doctors and lawyers reside in this area, so competition for those jobs would be fierce.
Geneva is very well known for its restaurants and chocolatiers. All Chocolate Kitchen, a very popular chocolatier, was even featured on the Food Network. There is also another delicious chocolatier/ ice cream parlor across the street. Most of the shops in the downtown area are small, and locally owned. There are very few big name companies downtown with the exception of Starbucks, and a few others. The big companies are all located along main roads and other such areas, and most well known names are accounted for in the city.
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