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Same people have lived here for a long time.
Not many vacant properties most are maintained.
I don't hear about the crime in angier particularly, but in surrounding areas it is getting worse.
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People are nice and the area is relatively quite.
I love all the local stores and believe strongly in supporting local business. There are various antique shops, homemade soap shops, local coffee shops and restaurants.
Usually the worst weather we get is thunderstorms, maybe severe thunderstorms. We sometimes get tornadoes in the summer but snow is scarce. We generally get snow every few years. Most winters are just cold. Summers are very hot, but we get a lot of rain in the summer too, which will either cool everything down or make it too humid to go outside for long.
Depending on what part of town you're in, you can either get cookie cutter homes or homes that look nothing alike. Some neighborhoods have little lawn space and other homes have acres of land. Most people have gardens, either for flowers, food, or some combination thereof.
We have basic businesses around, a lot are either Walmart-type businesses that you find everywhere, or independently owned businesses.
People generally keep to themselves but will usually wave as you pass by. Small talk is easy and most people are pretty friendly. We are not very diverse at all. In a small, Southern town you generally get three races (white, black, or Hispanic) and either you believe in God and go to church or you don't. Most people aren't very wealthy but get by.
I don't live in an area that puts a lot of importance on healthy eating habits and regular exercise. Most people around here probably don't care very much and skinny people are few and far between generally.
I believe that everyone who is in office was put in place by God for the purpose of His will. Our public services are good. Reaction time of the fire and police departments are great. We have needed them in the past and they always get here in good time.
Not much changes here and I don't expect much change in the future. I love it here though because I've always lived in a small town and this is where I met my best friend, so if I could do it all over again I would still live here.
I live in the country with a lot of farms. It's a very small town. We don't have tourism.
We have your average restaurants: McDonald's, Bojangles, Wendy's, Zaxby's, etc. We also have a few independent diners and family-owned restaurants. The quality of food varies place to place and some towns have more options than others. We don't have a lot to offer for nightlife but there are a few bars around that I assume stay open late.
There are lots of pets. Nearly everyone has at least one dog or cat, usually more, usually dogs. Recycling is available in some neighborhoods and not in others. I think you have to sign up for recycling if you want it, but I don't know because I'm not the head of the household.
I don't like to drive in congested areas and I can get around without too much traffic most of the time around here. There is usually parking and people walk around a lot.
There is rarely crime around me and I usually feel safe unless I am by myself. I live about 45 minutes to an hour away from cities and they have crime, but generally here it's alright.
Review Black River Township
There aren't many parks but there are a lot of fields and the areas where there are parks are pretty nice. There is usually trash beside the road but it isn't usually very bad.
There is not a great variety of stores in this area.
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