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Raised in this area, great area for small children, however, for teenagers the area may seem boring. For retired couples is a great place to settle down, especially in the fall, spring, and summer. In the winter there is a lot of snow, causing a lot of snow days, accidents, cancellations, and black ice.
I like that the Legion and Park are close to my house. The library provides summer programs for children that do not have a lot of money. There is a baseball field where the children can go and play without worry. There is a gas station and an ice cream store for the children to walk to for summer fun.
There are not many attractions in this area.
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Winter takes up most of the year and snow is what impacts life here the most. The most essential items in my wardrobe are my winter clothing items.
There are not many restaurants in this area and not a variety of different cuisines.
We have mostly chain stores and not a great variety of stores.
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