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I absolutely love living in the Black Jack, MO area. I've lived in this neighborhood for over 5 years now. Its very quiet, peaceful, with lots of beautiful greenery in our back yards. I live in a small, very quiet subdivision where I feel extremely safe & the neighbors are very friendly. My children have many close friends that they've grown to love. I can't imagine another area to live & raise my children! And not to mention we have a beautiful family of deer that tend to roam our back yard from time to time & we absolutely love it!
Crime in the area is horrible and things have gotten worse. When I first moved here there were no problems but overall, the community has had an outrage with the responsibility of the police as a whole.
My overall experience in this area has not really changed throughout the years living here. However, crime has rapidly increased beginning with the Michael Brown situation and there has not been any justice with the African American community. I honestly believe that the safety has decreased due to police brutality, but the people that live in the area are extremely positive and have made me feel like I can count on the community to make a change.
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I feel very safe in my area. I often see the police on the road whenever I'm driving to a nearby store and when I've needed them they were there promptly.
My neighborhood is one of the more peaceful neighborhoods in St Louis. We rarely ever have any crimes and everyone is very friendly.
It's Great! I Like Living Here. There Are Nice People In The Neighborhood and Its Fairly Quiet
There are stores that are better than other stores slit of stores are always out of things so it involves me to drive to different areas just to get pull ups. Done are higher than other places and consists of me spending more money than other places.
The weather really isn't bad when there us a problem the the weather the tv or radio ate pretty good about let the public know.
There are slot of crimes around here nit in my complex but in North County it self.
I do like the police and fire dept around here they respond fast and they will help. I have called the police before and they responded really fast.
There are no good jobs in this area and the little places they have a employed either young kids are people who just doesn't care.
A lot of people have been living in this area for years.
There is only one hospital near here and it is a very slow one. I will not go there if something is wrong with me, but I have gone too 2 urgent cares and they were great.
The home owners who rent there homes out ask for a lot of money. Most of the apartments are very expensive and is not worth you pay for. A lot of these places are here to make money but do not care about the tenants are they are really rude to them. The maintenence departments are horrible it takes days for someone to come.
It is very diverse and some people are really rude cause some areas treat you like everyone else.
The food places are okay there some fast food places that I wouldn't go too but over all they are ok.
When there are events in this area it's put in a small area where the traffic is horrible and it's very congested. The last place I went to was a carnival at a church and it was horrible I will never do that again.
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If I could live back in st.charles I would but this will have to do by me going to school around here and my child's daycare is here. Everything here is a lot higher than other areas especially car insurance.
There are no parks really around this area that is something that I don't like do to the fact that I have a 2 year old child. The only place I can take him to a elementary school to play and even those playgrounds are horrible. If there are parks than they need to be redone.
Certain streets are always congested to the point where I want drive it at certain times of the day. There are a lot of buses that drive through on the streets that can cause congestion, but it also its a good thing that they are around cause it helps people who don't have cars get to work and school. It's more of the main streets that have the bad traffic and it's cause those streets have the stores and food places on them.
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