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Small town north east of Colorado Springs. The area feels like a mountain community. The people are friendly and helpful.
Black Forest is a beautiful area, tucked away between the hustle and bustle of Colorado Springs and Castle Rock, CO and still not too far of a commute to Denver, I have neighbors who do it everyday. It's away from the busy city and offers some beautiful tracts of land and homes with amazing views. There are churches, schools and a community center. There's even a gas station and post office. A few businesses are scattered in between: vets and dr. offices and a couple small restaurants. There is a bar for a little nitelife, but if that's what you're seeking, then you're not too far away from some good spots in Colorado Springs. I would highly recommend Black Forest to anyone - whether you're looking to buy there...or just go there for a visit to some of the trails or to Black Forest Regional Park. Again - it's a beautiful area!!
Beautiful area that is growing too fast. Feels a world away while being close to everything. Schools are great too.
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Overall, great place for those who want to live in a quiet, tree-filled setting and are comfortable with people interaction at work and outside the community events. Not the best place to be when the snow really falls. On the other hand, not too far from Colorado Springs and decent shopping and social activities.
Since living in this area, I have realized the neighborly comfort. Everyone makes an effort to greet people with a kind smile. Where I live, it is very common to take morning strolls and evening walks around the trails. During this time, many of the neighbors engage in brief light-hearted conversations. Many times a month, a couple families organize neighborhood get-togethers that are welcome to all nearby residents. There are activities for the younger crowd as well as drinks and refreshments for parents who choose to mingle. On multiple occasions, our neighbors have offered to dog sit or kindly bring in our trashcan from the road after pick up, and my family makes an effort to be as much help to them as we can. Everyone in this neighborhood is interested in helping others and making or area a thriving and peaceful home.
Big houses with a lot of land
Everyone comes together for big events/holidays
There aren't any crimes to speak of so the police only come when needed
There is no crime. The only issue is the gravel road can get bumpy between road grading days. We don't have rentals in the area and with 5 acre to 40 acre or larger sized lots having an unkept yard isn't an issue.
This area has a rural feel with close access to shopping, entertainment, outdoor activities and great schools. I see the future of this area growing slowly, but with the larger lots it will still have the same rural feeling for many years to come. I would not change where I live.
We feel very safe at home.
Living in the forest we don't have much crime. Every once and a while we will get reports of a fugitive running in the area, but the police always make sure that we are notified and that the area is watched for activity. We have never had any real problems.
I love living in Black Forest. It will always be my home. There are not many places that could out rank it. Being surrounded by beautiful forest and, having wildlife living right in your back yard. The only thing that I don't like is that is so great that people do want to live here, so it's getting crowded, and in order to make room they cut down the trees.
The only safety concern there is, is the fact that this address is in a forest. Coyotes and bears are the biggest safety concern.
Compared to anywhere else in the country, nothing could match the country air out in the forest. It is a really peaceful setting, and puts your mind at ease, but most property takes a lot of work to maintain. If I could do it all over again, I would still come to this place, because it is probably the greatest experience. In my neighborhood, everyone knows one another.
I have not had any problems
It is a wonderful place to spend my days, I enjoy the peaceful environment and the friendly people.
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It is very safe for pedestrians/bicyclists. Parking is available everywhere. Most places are not close enough to walk to and there is not public transportation; however, there is also never traffic.
I live in the forest, it is beautiful! It is easy to find outdoor activities and the quality is great!
Most of the community in the area where I live is older people, so they are very friendly but we only get together occasionally, there are not very many children.
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