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The Black Diamond Police are always on the lookout for criminal activity and mischief making this small town feel safe and secure.
I love the small town feel of this area but unfortunately it will start growing a lot more in the next decade. I really enjoy the many hiking areas around this area and the view of Rainer is beautiful.
I haven't seen a lot of crime in Black Diamond. We did have a break in one summer while camping but it was neighborhood kids and they didn't take much. Now we have someone stay at our house when we are gone.
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I would live here again in a heartbeat. The small town atmosphere is great. It is away from the busy city and close to the mountains, hiking trails, camping, and we still have deer and elk that can be seen in people's yards and nearby. Houses are smaller and less expensive. We have wetlands behind us and we cannot see into our neighbors windows. Love it!
Never felt unsafe in my city.
I could not imagine living anywhere else.
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