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Bismarck Arkansas is a great town to settle down in. Not only because of its peaceful small town feeling but for that sense of security one gets knowing that a helping hand will always be there, reaching out when needed most. Whether you're looking for a wonderful K-12 school system or just a friendly place to plant your roots it has so many great things to offer.
I like this area for the availability of things to do that are close. Bismarck has a great school system. Bismarck is located close to Hot Springs, Little Rock, Arkadelphia and Malvern.
Bismarck is a great place to live. A small town full of nice people that aren't afraid to help people out. I see Bismarck becoming a even better community to live in. Education in this community is growing and becoming a great school district.
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The National Forest is all around us, so we enjoy it's beauty year round. A lot of people like to come camping in the area and run the 4 wheeler trails through the woods.
Since the area is very rural, there are not a lot of people walking/riding bikes on the state highway. There is no public transportation or taxi service that is in the area. Some people still ride their horse to the local store, that is how rural the area is.
Right now the weather is great, but during the summer it can be sweltering. Love the weather here though and would not trade it for anything.
Since we live in a dry county it is difficult to have a night out on the town. There are only two restaurants locally and they serve just about the same food.
Since there are very few employers in the area it is difficult to find gainful employment. In order to have a decent paying job, we have to travel almost 20 miles one way.
We live in a very small rural community, so there are not a lot of businesses. The businesses that we do have are involved within the community and do make a difference here.
There are the normal hot seasons and cold seasons, but they are nice. I have been in this weather my whole life so I am use to it all. There are really no natural disasters around here. There can be a tornado every now and again but not frequently.
There is not much crime but every place has a little. Since it is such a small town, there are not many cops that patrol. They are very slow at responding I have noticed!
You get everything you need in this town. There could be a better grocery store. Once again you either have to travel to Hot Springs or Arkadelphia to really go grocery shopping. It is just a very simple town.
There are only a couple of restaurants so there is not much choice. If I am wanting different things I mostly go to Hot Springs to eat. There is not a bar life here which is great!
There are not many job opportunities. There are a couple of restaurants, dollar general, one car shop, and a gas station. Most people that live around here drive to Hot Springs, Malvern, or Arkadelphia looking for employment. Others own their own businesses.
Mostly mobile home on acreage.
Not much opportunity other than the school. Must drive to nearby town for employment.
Not many local businesses in this area. One convenience store and 2 small restaurants.
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