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I moved to Bismarck in 1980, got a job, met a variety of public figures of the community, enjoyed the variety of food vendors, loved social events put sponsored by the Downtowner's Association or local organizations, strolled the local parks and historical sites, made new friends and also found 'Love', raptured sunrises/sunsets of Nature's Beauty surrounding this big town. The clean environment, excellent educational facilities, friendliness of its residents, employment opportunities, and reasonable cost of living are attributes. I'm hoping to develop a business that will offer new services to those from children to elderly, low-income and will bring a union of all walks or levels of life together for one purpose. I get excited just thinking about what needs to be done to make this transpire; but first, my education needs to be completed!
It's really great here. Beautiful sunsets, and lots of wind! The city is small, so there's tons of room to breathe. Plenty of trails if you like that, and plenty of job opportunity!
Bismark is a great city. Not a whole lot of activities, but plenty of peace and quiet. The rolling hills are beautiful, and every night the sunset is gorgeous.
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Bismarck is a great town to grow deep in your faith. The history of the Benedictine sisters is encouraging to search God in all you do.
I love Bismarck and have lived here for many years this is a great place to raise a family. There are things here for all ages. I would like to see a few more things to do that don't involve eating and drinking, but overall it is a fabulous town.
Feels like home, excellent attractions, schools and career opportunities. Growing up in Bismarck, I had the opportunity to receive an outstanding education in a safe environment. Bismarck continues to thrive in job prospects, making it very attractive to return to after I finish my schooling. Bismarck is a wonderful area to raise a family and network with many professionals. Downtown Bismarck offers a variety of nice shopping boutiques, restaurants and nightlife activities. It is the perfect place to catch up with old friends or meet new ones. Bismarck consistently never fails to bring in great entertainment at the Events Center.
Love it here. Simple and kind people, always willing to help out. Safe for children. Good education.
I like the diverse amount of restaurants in Bismarck and I enjoy swimming in the river during the summer. I like how easy it is to navigate on the south side of Bismarck.

I dislike how little there is for teenagers to do around town during the winter. There are very few fun indoor activities.
Bismarck is a great town to go to college in. The university is out of town about 5 miles, so it is like living somewhat out in the country well still being close to a bigger city with things to do.
This town is beautiful, with its many parks and the Missouri River. The people are very friendly and it's a great place to raise a family. I grew up here and and I am very grateful to have lived here for a majority of my life.
Growing up in Bismarck has been amazing. It hasn't always been a busy city but has had just the right amount of city and rural life. The people here are genuinely nice and really care about our society. As a town Bismarck stands together to stick up for the important issues in life. I wouldn't choose any other place to be.
I just moved here to Bismarck, in August 2016. It's been a good experience so far. My children love it here! I am also very grateful that college is going very well.
I really enjoy how Bismarck has kind of a small town feel yet also has some of the amenities at a larger town. I dislike how it cost so much to live here.
I've lived in the Bismarck area for over 4 years. As a college student I like the multitude of coffee and book shops. As a grad student who needs to destress, the nightlife is hopping, and the book shops are open late. The public library is my favorite place and a tremendous research for studying. The zoo is cool, and the parks overlooking the river are my favorite place to decompress. Architecturally not the most beautiful, and the winter roads can be difficult.
I like the fact that Bismarck is not too smell and not too big. Most of the people here are very friendly and welcoming. I didnt like how a lot of the stores including fast food restraurants, wal-mart, gas stations and liquor stores close down so early. It has lots of fun parks and good shopping stores.
There are plenty of trails to walk, run, hike, and/or bike ... sunsets along the trail make the miles of trails worth using! The family oriented activities available with the zoo and parks prevent anyone from saying they are 'bored'
Very nice medium size town which is growing daily. A nice community to raise children. Quiet areas for family gatherings. Many places to shop and just have fun. During the summer there is a Zoo and an amusement park where the family can go to play a round of mini golf or partake in one of the rides. There are many golf courses for those who like to golf and many boat landings for those that like to fish or go out on the river for a day in the sun. When school starts again the community has a lot of different activities for everyone to partake in, including The Downtowners Street Fair, in which a few of the downtown streets are blocked off and vendors are set up to sell their arts and crafts. Throughout the year there are many different events throughout the Bismarck area that can provide many hours of enjoyment for the whole family.
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I like the family atmosphere in Bismarck because you feel safe and secure for the most part. Everyone seems to bond together to help each other through good times and bad. People here have many different types of businesses to check out, many different forms of entertainment and very high quality schools for the children and teenagers. The biggest thing that I wish would change would be the types and level or crimes. It isn't to say that it is as bad as other places but just newer types than we used to have. A bigger focus on crime prevention would be fantastic.
I enjoy living in Bismarck North Dakota. It has been a great experience, and I wouldn't have chosen another town to grow up in. I always feel very safe when I am commuting around town. The education has positively influenced me to work for my future goals. Due to the positive citizens of Bismarck, I have become a successful individual. I have endless opportunities and resources to assist me in striving for success. Living in Bismarck has been a great experience throughout my lifetime, and I would recommend living here to anybody who strives for a great place to live.
North Dakota is my hometown and will always make me feel at home. North Dakota is beautiful and I love the atmosphere, all my family lives here and I get to enjoy life with them. This city of Bismarck is especially great because of the opportunities I have available to my family and I.
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