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I love Bismarck North Dakota its A great place to raise a family. I really enjoy the atmosphere and the people of this great city. alot of things to do here and the schools for the children are great. The capital city has everything all right here for everything that you need. the school here at united tribes is great because they care about their students and they really help if a student is falling behind on assignments and there are also a lot of different study groups also.
Bismarck is a people friendly place. The ambiance of the town is a mix of traditional and modern. It is safe with a minimum of criminal record.
Quiet and friendly town where your greeted with a hello. Low crime rates so I feel safer raising my family in this state. There are many great activities for families such as attending sporting events, school related events and even an international event called United Tribes Powwow. The dining experience is good, but would like to see more businesses come in with different places to eat. Commute times are about an average of 20 minutes which isn't bad. Nightlife here is fun, bands usually play every weekend, dj's at clubs are pretty lively and I thoroughly enjoy the Grand Movie Theater!! The job opportunities here are endless, always job openings and always an opportunity for advancement.
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I love Bismarck, I recently moved back here to go back to school and raise my kids here. I decided to go back to school after my mom passed away last year. Bringing my family up here fron South Dakota was the best decision I think I've made. I think the public school system here is excellent as well and feel confident my children will do better here than where we came from, as well as myself.
Bismarck,ND is a good place to raise your kids, I see that everyone is involved in something mostly sports and being outside. not only that , it is a safe environment for elderly's and young people. there are no crimes to worry about in this area and everyone is friendly to everyone they meet.
This place is so homely. Everyone is nice to everyone and that is the way it should be. Give, give, give and never expect anything in return. As a community, we all do our best and support one another in every obstacle in life. These are the people you want to surround yourself with.
Bismarck has a small town feel. Good people. Not a lot of things to do for night life. Lots of jobs available.
Not many places to do fun things with friends or inexpensive places. Restaurants are great. Parks are abundant
Bismarck is a nice, friendly town that has so much to offer. If you like living in a big town, Bismarck is perfect. If you like living in a smaller town, Bismarck is also perfect.
This town could be great if all go along and didn't judge so much. Especially when hiring for jobs. It is a country family operated town. It is nice to live in other wise.
I moved to Bismarck in 1980, got a job, met a variety of public figures of the community, enjoyed the variety of food vendors, loved social events put sponsored by the Downtowner's Association or local organizations, strolled the local parks and historical sites, made new friends and also found 'Love', raptured sunrises/sunsets of Nature's Beauty surrounding this big town. The clean environment, excellent educational facilities, friendliness of its residents, employment opportunities, and reasonable cost of living are attributes. I'm hoping to develop a business that will offer new services to those from children to elderly, low-income and will bring a union of all walks or levels of life together for one purpose. I get excited just thinking about what needs to be done to make this transpire; but first, my education needs to be completed!
It's really great here. Beautiful sunsets, and lots of wind! The city is small, so there's tons of room to breathe. Plenty of trails if you like that, and plenty of job opportunity!
Bismark is a great city. Not a whole lot of activities, but plenty of peace and quiet. The rolling hills are beautiful, and every night the sunset is gorgeous.
Bismarck is a great town to grow deep in your faith. The history of the Benedictine sisters is encouraging to search God in all you do.
I love Bismarck and have lived here for many years this is a great place to raise a family. There are things here for all ages. I would like to see a few more things to do that don't involve eating and drinking, but overall it is a fabulous town.
Feels like home, excellent attractions, schools and career opportunities. Growing up in Bismarck, I had the opportunity to receive an outstanding education in a safe environment. Bismarck continues to thrive in job prospects, making it very attractive to return to after I finish my schooling. Bismarck is a wonderful area to raise a family and network with many professionals. Downtown Bismarck offers a variety of nice shopping boutiques, restaurants and nightlife activities. It is the perfect place to catch up with old friends or meet new ones. Bismarck consistently never fails to bring in great entertainment at the Events Center.
Love it here. Simple and kind people, always willing to help out. Safe for children. Good education.
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I like the diverse amount of restaurants in Bismarck and I enjoy swimming in the river during the summer. I like how easy it is to navigate on the south side of Bismarck.

I dislike how little there is for teenagers to do around town during the winter. There are very few fun indoor activities.
Bismarck is a great town to go to college in. The university is out of town about 5 miles, so it is like living somewhat out in the country well still being close to a bigger city with things to do.
This town is beautiful, with its many parks and the Missouri River. The people are very friendly and it's a great place to raise a family. I grew up here and and I am very grateful to have lived here for a majority of my life.
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