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Bishopville is a small town in SC with an aging population, very few retail stores, poor economic development and access to high paying jobs. Most jobs available are retail and service jobs. Bishopville has some of the lowest educational ratings in the state of SC.
Bishopville is a small town with not many people. We as the community have certain stores and place to visit.
It's a nice place to live and need more jobs need more places to shop all around it's have alot good things and alot need to be improve
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Bishopville is an okay place. There are so good and bad qualities about it. The public schools are not really that good. Most of the kids come from low income families. It is very hard to get a job there. A lot of the student do not care about there education. Many the kids drop out do not get a diploma. On the plus side, a lot of the residents are nice. There is a little diversity in the community. It is a very small town, so everyone basically knows each other. The town needs more stores and job opportunities.
Bishopville is a city in Lee County, South Carolina, United States. The population was 3,238 at the 2016 census. It is the county seat of Lee County. For more than a decade before Bishopville was named in honor of Jacques Bishop, it was known as Singleton's Crossroads. The 465 acres (1.88 km2) of land was granted to Jacob Chamber by the state of South Carolina in 1786. Daniel Carter later purchased the property and it was once again sold to William Singleton in 1790. This was where the name Singleton's Crossroads originated.
Bishopville has a heart of a city that defies many others. The people are full of energy and they also are just very humble people to communicate with. That is one thing that I absolutely love about the city. The people, the festivities, and their energy are just some of the values that I have not seen in many others. Those values are what make the city special.
I'm not a big fan of my city. There's nothing for kids to do and is one of the many reasons kids from the younger generation stay in trouble!
I lived in Bishopville, SC nearly 5 years and while here I have witnessed both good and bad experiences. Although I am big upon my safety and my families safety, I am more so afraid of the failure that this town will bring upon other kids coming up that aren't so head strong. I wouldn't recommend Bishopville as a place to reside for a family with growing kids that have education interest and wants to further themselves.
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