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Bisbee Reviews

12 reviews
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Bisbee is a small town in Az. Bisbee is a tourist town full of mountains and local shops. Since it's a tourist town there's nothing to change.
Bisbee is an old historic town with charm. I love the artsy feel and inviting environment. There however is only one grocery store. Everybody is sweet and neighborly there and diverse. Bisbee was the first town in Arizona to legalize gay marriages.
It's a nice spot to be homeless
There is a sense of close community because its such a small community.
There aren't very many job opportunities.
The safety is good, but there isn't many transportation options close by.
It would be better for me if I hadn't lived here almost my whole life.
There are a lot of old, interesting houses in Bisbee, including the lo ma Linda mansion.
Most people here are extremely nice, and bisbee holds a gay pride weekend every year where people from all over the country come to celebrate.
I neither agree nor disagree.
People mostly tend to be somewhat active, but there tends to be a lot of drinking and drug abuse for such a small town.
It is a very boring town for teens and young adults.
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