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I loved the community that lives in this neighborhood. There is always families outside walking or playing with their children. This has been the best neighborhood I could have grown up in.
Great location. Good downtown area with tons of options. Nice neighborhoods with very family friendly living.
Abundantly affluent. Upscale downtown vibe with plenty of fine and upscale casual dining and shopping. Great place to raise a family, for working adults and retirees. Attracts a Bria’s age demographic. Wide range in $/sq ft of residential property.
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I love living in Birmingham. Everything is convenient, great shops, friendly people and safe environment. My only complaint, and it’s a big one... is the artificially inflated housing prices and corruption in the assessing department. Many homes are assessed way higher than market value.
The city of Birmingham is a corrupt city filled with ungrateful people from top to bottom. Very few people here have any decency. The police officers here frequently fail to abide by the law. They will illegally enter homes, illegally search and seize and have zero respect for the constitution. The children as well as parents feel that they are entitled to whatever they want regardless of their work ethics. People in Birmingham live in their own little imaginary world separate from reality.
Nice place to visit and shop that gives the false impression that it’s cosmopolitan, but, if you’re of an ethnic minority and you want to lease a retail property, the existing proprietors and realtors will close ranks so that you won’t get the opportunity to trade there. They can keep it!
I love living in Birmingham. There’s a wide variety of shopping in the downtown area. Stores vary from clothing to home decor. Also, there are a lot of restaraunts.
Peaceful family friendly area in very good public school system with amazing administrators and teachers.
I love that we have a large city feel with all of the shops and destinations right down the street while also being a smaller community.
Currently all of the road construction is frustrating because it’s everywhere and at the same time, but overall it’s a great place to live.
I love Birmingham! Downtown Birmingham is great; the city is not too big or too small, and it is very close to many places such as Detroit. I have lived here my whole life and I have never wished to live in another city and I would love to live here again after college and raise my family here.
Small city that has everything you could ask for within a short distance. I am able to run wherever I need to go, everything is that convenient. People here are also very nice. Only complaint is the parking :/
Upper level living, safe, close to Detroit, best schools in the state. No gang bangers, safe white suburb of Detroit
It is a very nice, clean, and safe town. It is comprised of cozy suburbs, cute shops, and an active downtown area. It is lacking in diversity and overall awareness of the outside world. Basically, there is a bubble surrounding the town.
Overall, the bar/food scene here is great. It is not a small city, but you can run into several small minds. Great hiking is never far and cost of living is phenomenal. Safety can change very quickly depending on where and when you are in certain parts of town.
Birmingham is a great place with a small town like feel, lots of fun things to do. There is a local movie theater, cafes, and lots of restaurants. Anywhere you stroll there is something interesting to see little gems of boutiques, the library and parks. Also in the summertime there is a fair in the park that brings in lots of fun for the city.
What I like about Birmingham is many things. They have incredible activities and things to do year round which makes it very interesting. The town atmosphere is amazing, everyone seems to know everyone. I love the sense of close community you get while walking downtown. There are also a lot of family owned businesses in Birmingham, which makes it interesting to shop at because you have a wide range of options. It is truly a great place to live and to raise a family.
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Birmingham is a vibrant place with many interesting activities to do. The town is family friendly and the community is accepting.
It's a beautifully groomed area with some of the nicest real estate and schools in Michigan. There is no shortage of good food, shopping, and entertainment including two cinemas. Visitors can stay at the Townsend Hotel, the best hotel in the state outside of those in Detroit. It's located in a convenient, central location. If you have enough money, and you will need a lot of it, you will never be bored. It's not without flaws, however. The parking meters are a downer and parking in general can be a pain. Sometimes the parking garages will accept people inside while reaching full occupancy. You're best off if you know someone in the area and can park at their house, have someone drop you off, or use alternate transportation to get there. Along with this, everything closes rather early. That seems to be a thing in Michigan, though, honestly. The property prices and taxes are significantly high, whether you're looking at private or commercial real estate.
Safe, walkable community. Beautiful and well kept parks and green space. Wide range of dining options. Nice library and community house with many activities for all. Outstanding schools. Free summer concerts.
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