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44 reviews
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Safe, walkable community. Beautiful and well kept parks and green space. Wide range of dining options. Nice library and community house with many activities for all. Outstanding schools. Free summer concerts.
Lots of rich white people, very educationally focused. Overall nice (but a little snooty) people interested in, if not just the appearance of looking, giving back.
Ive called the police for several issues while living in Birmingham. They respond very promptly and professionally and are always active at night when I'm around.
I would definitely live here and recommend it to other people who can afford it. In my future, my dream is to live in Miami Florida, so i do not see myself living in Birmingham after graduation. People love it because it has upscale restaurants and stores. People enjoy walking the safe streets of the community with their kids and dogs. Birmingham is a destination for non residents as well because of the proximity of everything including popular stores such as Lululemon, and a wide variety of excellent food choices.
There is very little crime and I do not feel unsafe at any time.
I love where I live, and would be happy to live in this area for a long time.
This area was filled with very wealthy people and everyone was very secure with their financial state
Nothing too serious, but annoying little things that make you feel unsafe.
Nice, but seems to be getting overcrowded.
Great restaurants, but can bring in a seedy night crowd.
If you are lucky enough to have a great job that's good and keep it. New opportunities in this area not likely.
Very expensive, can shop for gifts here and there, but everyday shopping is done elsewhere.
I feel safe living in this small city. I have read in the city paper about some house break in's though.
People here seem to be out and about walking pets and playing outside. Hospital is close by to access. They have a lot of parks and public places to sit and enjoy the outside. I am not a member of any fitness facility but there are plenty to choose from.
In this small city, it is unique and feels like you are not in the Detroit metro area. There is a lot of turnover in older homes to make newer bigger homes. So, it is staying popular for people to move here.
I like that fact that their are four seasons. Winter is my favorite, so if you like cold, move here. If you don't like cold, know that it will pass and the warm, sunny, hot days will come to town here as well.
There is a lot of places that are unique to the area for great food and drinks. ML Cafe is my favorite as the food is delicious and drinks plentiful. If you want to eat though, eat early as the small city seems to sleep early. No dancing either, bum deal.
Jobs range from dog sitting to doctors. If you want to make money, go to college.
Walking distance to great shops and restaurants. Quick drive to all stores big and small. A wonderful city to live in.
The public services in this area are very good.. i always feel safe and that I can count on the police/firemen etc!
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