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I just moved to this city and I really like it so far. Its very quiet in the area that I stay in and i'm surrounded by a lot of food places which is a plus because I love food.
Birmingham has grown since I was a child and its so nice to have such a diverse area downtown that makes you feel like you have left the city and gone somewhere else.
Birmingham is a beautiful city with many attractions and fun activities. It also has many opportunities for young students as myself , to be exposed to career choices and scholarships.
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There's a lot of things to do here in Birmingham, and the people are really nice. There are some dangerous areas downtown however, and air pollution can be quite bad there at times.
Birmingham can be a lovely city . There is a lot to do in Birmingham such as Parks or shopping. The city it self is big . It has major events year round .
Birmingham is known for its racism and segregation. I would not recommend starting a family or career here. While it may be affordable to live here and do day to day task it only covers for the poor background. Birmingham is not the worst place on earth however I can assure you their are better places out there.
Its boring nothing really entertaining here. I have lived here for my whole life and my cousins live here and they keep me entertained over the weekends, and my friends. I also go to a Islam club I usually enjoy it because the manager is chill.
I haven't lived in Birmingham very long but I like that is have a wide verity of food options both restaurant style and fast food.
My experience living in Birmingham Alabama has been a great one. I have had a great education from a wonderful school. Located in the the city. I think that the public school system has really improved over the years. And the private school system has gotten better as well. The people in the city are very helpful and friendly. I have enjoyed my life living experience in the city.
I live near Birmingham and work around the city, luckily they are fixing their roads... unfortunately its increased commute times.
Birmingham is a growing friendly city with a low cost of living, good schools in the suburbs, good nightlife, and a family friendly environment. The biggest issue for the city is the high crime rate. The suburbs to the south and north are great places to live. The western part of town is dangerous and needs improvement. Birmingham is a midsize city such as a small town feel in an urban area. Overall a great place to live.
I love that Birmingham is up and coming with things to do on the weekends. Plenty of restaurants, hang out spots, and much more!
Birmingham is an unexpectedly fun city with plenty to do for both families and young professionals. There is a vibrant food scene, great outdoors, and plenty of fun community events to keep your weekend event book full!
Birmingham is definitely a busy city with lots of activities to do from sightseeing, games, food, children places etc.
Depending on where you live in Birmingham AL there's lots to do if you don't mind the heat, there's also plenty of shopping areas and a good bit of diversity. The price of property also depends on where you are in Birmingham you can get a descent house for $150,000.00 in a pretty descent neighborhood with descent schools.
Birmingham is a growing gem in the southeast. Many businesses are moving here and young professionals are following. The diversity has grown and the cit itself stands out for new, hot restaurants, bars, sights, and breweries. The young professional and volunteer scene is booming.
So many great places to eat and the people are so friendly! I have been working here for 6 months now and have loved every minute of it!
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It’s very pretty and has 4 seasons except sometimes there isn’t much of a winter. It can rain a lot as well which brings the mosquitoes. There are some really good places to eat in the Homewood and Avondale areas. Birmingham schools aren’t very good and the zoning makes absolutely no sense. Not much of a night life and it’s not very health conscious here. There are practically no bike lanes in this city except for a few streets downtown. They also need better public transit.
It’s a lot of attractions but mostly the convenience of shopping. Not a good choice of a place to live in affordability unless you have a degree or own your own business. However, being an entrepreneur is actually the most profits for this city. I’m a business owner and you don’t have that many resources made available. It is terrible on the roads. More so becoming more of a digital Stone Age than a living age.
Birmingham Alabama is a great place to live and work. It is a large metropolitan area that has a lot to offer. There are great job opportunities with good benefits. The housing market is diverse and there is a great opportunity to find a lovely home, in any of the 99 neighborhoods that Birmingham has to offer.
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