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There is many things to do near me. Every store and restaurant I can think of is within 15 miles. It is also close to Reading and the Pottstown/King of Prussia area.
Lots of drugs. Tons of pizza places, but no other types of restaurants. Cops will fine for curfew violations, but don't seem to care about the huge drug activity in our area.
There are a few drug related crimes throughout the area however there isn't an abundance of crimes and the police force has always been helpful.
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It's a small town with a good community but not too much to do.
There is some crime that takes place in this area but the part of town I live in is not bad. The police usually respond quickly and are reliable.
I like that it is not a crowded area, but it is not the nicest looking place. This would probably not be my first choice of places to live.
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