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Being rural, the area doesn’t always have visible police. However, I have never felt unsafe in the area. Crime has been increases, but being safe isn’t an issue. Most of the crime is drug related, and is specific to certain spots.
Living in a rural location like this leads to many different advantages and disadvantages. It is very quiet and quaint. Neighbors are not very close in distance, but the general atmosphere is very inviting. I was would certainly live here again , however it would not always be my choice for what I want as a career. Compared to else where in the country, I would highly suggest to anyone looking for a nice, quiet area just outside of NYC and other larger population areas of PA, like the Delaware Water Gap or Scranton. The future is looking good for the area. Numerous strides have been made to better the area in education, government, and overall living conditions and accessibility.
Besides the occasional pothole, transportation in my town is great. There is really no public bus that goes through Dingmans Ferry but there is one in the town over. There really is not any sidewalks, because there is no big companies or businesses in my town that need constant walking-to. Sometimes, there are people who walk down the shoulder of the street, which I found scary and highly dangerous, but most people have cars and know they need a car to get to where they need to be.
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There are very few employment applications in Dingmans Ferry unless you drive about 15 minutes out of town to the next town over. Of course, anyone would love to work five minutes from their home, but it is extremely hard to find open slots in the few delis and restaurants located around my hometown.
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