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Only have heard of one story on a whole year of living here, about the next town over printing counter fit dollar bills. An officer was going around informing local business of the fake $100 bills.
Our first home has a great variety of good qualities. In a small town, with a quick beach access, and kind people. Has a vibe of an active local community that always has a smile.
There's a few gangs and drug deals in this area
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It's a beautiful place but a far from anything
My mail was stolen once.
Wonderful area, but tourists come in summer months.
It's an average community. There's not much to do.
Overall very safe and not dangerous.
I tend not to go out very often, it's ok. Beautiful state park and beach.
Pretty much the only way of getting around is via car.
My experience in this area has been overall very average, just a normal life nothing exciting but I enjoy that and I like the small town feel. I would definitely live here again but that's a difficult decision to make as its not for everyone. In the future I would like to see job growth.
The weather around Blaine has never been a problem for me, it may rain often and it never reaches very warm temperatures here but there's also not much to complain about.
There are a few bars in-town but as far as a "night life" goes Blaine isn't the best.
I think the Job and employment opportunities in Blaine are decent enough to live off but not necessarily career worthy.
For being a small town Blaine has a lot to offer when it comes to businesses.
We need more buisiness regarding retail in this town.
The food is always good and there are many options.
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It is a nice to place to live it is quit, not the big city that I was used to but it has character, people are friendly and it has a country feel to it. Parts of it seem to be more of a retirement community and people enjoying there life . It is also a hot spot for summer people coming down from Canada which offer a variety of activities during the summer months Most of the shops and business are unique to itself as there owners are most business are privately owned with a few chain fast food restaurants and gas stations Not a bad place to be starting over.
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