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Coming from New York City, Binghamton is a small town with very little to do. The weather is very gloomy, with skies that appear to always be grey. After living here for 5 years I can say that Binghamton is what you make of it. There are some really good local food spots. There are lots of pubs for night life if you're a student be weary of pubs that are frequented by non students as there tends to be safety concerns when venturing to those.
After growing up in the Binghamton area and eventually returning after living in Buffalo for several years, the area has improved drastically due to the University's presence, a revitalized downtown area, First Friday's, and an array of fantastic restaurants. I believe the direction the area is heading is sincerely a positive one and several school districts located in Binghamton- Chenango Valley, Chenango Forks, and Seton Catholic- are excellent wholesome institutions/ school districts. If you find yourself in Binghamton area take a stroll around Binghamton University's Nature Preserve, visit a local restaurant, brewery, or wine bar, and visit the local art galleries in Downtown Binghamton.
Great place to live but jobs don't pay due to cheap cost of living. I enjoy here because the rent is cheap and I don't stressed myself with bill because there is not as much as it used to be in NYC. The schools are great but there are not after school programs. Having a kid in this town is really challenging because childcare cost are way to high.
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Binghamton has a lot to offer. With SUNY Binghamton college next door, it is a great place to learn and grow. I would like to see more people stay in the area and help it flourish rather than graduate and relocate.
Binghamton is my hometown. Originally a manufacturing town, over time it has become better known for higher education (SUNY Broome, Binghamton University) and healthcare (UHS and Lourdes Hospitals). The population has declined since my childhood in the 70's. We have some great parks, a local opera company and symphony, and minor league baseball and hockey teams. Our downtown is coming back thanks to the university and has a few microbreweries and new restaurants.
After living in Binghamton for 2 years, I believe that the colleges are amazing. My time spent in college has made me enjoy and respect my professors because of the time they spent making sure I understood their classes. The town is great, there are many job opportunities and fun activities to do around town.
I would like to see an improvement with the community and the school systems. By having more involvement within each other, the community will become stronger.
Binghamton is a unique place that is greatly supported by the both Binghamton University and SUNY Broome. Universities and hospitals are the primary employers here. With the estimated population at 47,000+ its still a pretty small city, however, its growing and so are the opportunities.
Could be a beautiful city but is impoverished with few job opportunities. Homes are cheap, schools are good, and there are arts and cultural opportunities as well as plentiful outlets for outdoor recreation in beautiful upstate New York.
I was born and raised in Binghamton. This area is my home. I love that there is country side and a small city to the area. I like the fact that Binghamton offers the First Friday in all weather conditions. There is stuff to do in the Binghamton area, you just have to find it. And the area is not that far from the city or from Syracuse!
This is a small, quirky city that is beautiful during the summer, and a little grey the rest of the year. Economically depressed historically, but on the rise over the last 10 years. Has some city amenities, but small enough to really make your own. I'm a transplant that came for college, but stayed for the beauty, affordability, and weirdness.
My experience being tough as a student but really interesting at the same time. The people are good, relatively low crime rate, and a great university. I would love to see an upgrade in sporting activities around binghamton.
I've grown up in Binghamton and it's hard to believe how bad the crimes are getting. I used to feel safe here but with all the robberies and shootings you here about in the news it's changing my mind about this town. It's getting to the point where you don't feel safe letting your kids go to the mall or parks by themselves, or even leaving them home alone during the day. I'm also finding it hard to find a decent job with decent pay. Your either over qualified or under qualified. It's pretty sad when your desperate for a job and McDonalds will turn you down because you are over qualified to be employed with them. Just starting to get disappointed in the town where I grew up in.
Binghamton and the triple cities have a variety of places to shop and eat. There are really nice parks for running, biking, roller blading, as well as playgrounds. 2 great colleges are here as well as a few museums and a zoo. 3 hospitals including a major trauma center. Strict on drug laws. All in all a great city.
Binghamton is a beautiful little town with a unique history. It is the carousel capital with many of them scattered throughout the town for determined visitors to find. Binghamton university draws in a lot of people but residents could use more opportunity for night life. The town is very outdoorsy and you will find the citizens always outside running or biking with their family or dogs. The city needs some tlc but it is definitely being revamped by those who love their city.
Small city trying to get back on its feet after large business left years ago. Becoming more of a college town with the university close by. Friendly people from all walks of life.
I love the location and how beautiful it is in the fall with the leaves changing color. It's simply breathtaking! There are a wide variety of activities to do there and I couldn't have picked a better city to go to school in. One thing I would like to see change is the amount of trash on the sides of the road. It would make Binghamton even more beautiful.
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"Don't forget your umbrella," the Resident Assistant tells me as I'm moving into my first dorm. Oh Binghamton, the city in which you can almost guarantee it will rain 364 days of the year. Joking, well not really. Binghamton is a great college town, not too much nightlife but just enough for your group of pals to know where you'll end up throughout the night. There has been an influx of amazing restaurants - everything from Thai, Indian, Halal, sushi, ramen... you name it, Binghamton has it! Every first Friday of the month, many of the local museums are free and open later than normal. You can check out some awesome student work, ranging from photography to oil paint. First Friday is definitely a goto! Check out Binghamton University's campus which has an amazing nature preserve with many, many deer. Hike up to the very top and breathe the freshest air! Do you feel it? That's the fresh air in your lungs, awesome!
Binghamton is a great place for college students. Lots of student housing and many student friendly businesses. Not such a great town for families though. Limited public transportation and crime has increased in the last few years.
I've lived and grown up in Binghamton, New York for almost 18 years now, and being that I'm preparing to move out for college next summer I couldn't be more excited to get out of here. Public schools are downright scary, there is no night life, safety is non-existent and there are little to no opportunities for work. If I could say anything- it would be to stay away from Binghamton.
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