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I have lived here for 6 months, moved from California for work. So far its a great small town with beautiful seasons. No major airports nearby but not terribly far from Newark, JFK, Buffalo.
I liked that there was kind of a small town feel with lot's of local options for food and diversity.
Well my mom moved us here in 1992 from Brooklyn NY. It used to be fun and quiet and simple town but now drugs plaque it and violence as well. So I'm considering moving out of here. My mom like other NYC moms did not bring they children up here for them to experience the same things they would have if they stayed in NYC. It was to give us a fighting chance at a decent productive life.
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Binghamton has potential to be a great city, but I would love to see more entertainment brought to the area. Although there is the annual Spiedie Fest/Balloon Rally, LG&T Tennis Challenger, and other events, I'd like to see a more year-round form of entertainment for Binghamton's residents and visitors.
Binghamton is a depressing area to live in. Good jobs are hard to find. It's very challenging to make ends meet. The area is run down.
Great people, great food! The town looks a little run-down and the town is not really active other than the drinking downtown. I really like the people here and the stores here are just great.
Binghamton used to be an amazing place to live and work. However, we are affected strongly by an opiate epidemic, high crime rates, and voted one of the areas to find the most obese people.

However, our community leaders and politicians do see and recognize our problems and are putting forth the best efforts to revitalize what was our beautiful city.

Every city has its complications and challenges, however; we have an amazing group of people working everyday to correct our issues.
This town is full of college students, but also filled with many offenders. We have a great police force here and they do their best to keep the violence to a minimum.However, just like with many other towns, we have a serious drug problem. Many people on drugs and of course the drug dealers. This place can only improve if the residents of this town step up and change their behavior.
Living in downtown Binghamton is great if you're a college kid. The apartments are affordable and you can live with many friends. However, keeping affordability in mind, you get what you pay for. Many of the landlords don't keep up with what needs fixing in the houses. Safety was my biggest concern while living there. I would never in a million years walk by myself at night in downtown Binghamton.
I love the quiet, calm atmosphere. There could be a change in safety there's been a lot of violence.
I like when I first moved to binghamton the athletic department in my high school. But now as I am older we need more events and activities for the less fortunate youth
More refurbishment of older housing.
Diversity of new job opportunities. Binghamton needs more activities for young adults. The zoo needs a corporate sponsor and additional funding. Some improvements are made that have no benefit.
Coming from New York City, Binghamton is a small town with very little to do. The weather is very gloomy, with skies that appear to always be grey. After living here for 5 years I can say that Binghamton is what you make of it. There are some really good local food spots. There are lots of pubs for night life if you're a student be weary of pubs that are frequented by non students as there tends to be safety concerns when venturing to those.
After growing up in the Binghamton area and eventually returning after living in Buffalo for several years, the area has improved drastically due to the University's presence, a revitalized downtown area, First Friday's, and an array of fantastic restaurants. I believe the direction the area is heading is sincerely a positive one and several school districts located in Binghamton- Chenango Valley, Chenango Forks, and Seton Catholic- are excellent wholesome institutions/ school districts. If you find yourself in Binghamton area take a stroll around Binghamton University's Nature Preserve, visit a local restaurant, brewery, or wine bar, and visit the local art galleries in Downtown Binghamton.
Great place to live but jobs don't pay due to cheap cost of living. I enjoy here because the rent is cheap and I don't stressed myself with bill because there is not as much as it used to be in NYC. The schools are great but there are not after school programs. Having a kid in this town is really challenging because childcare cost are way to high.
Binghamton has a lot to offer. With SUNY Binghamton college next door, it is a great place to learn and grow. I would like to see more people stay in the area and help it flourish rather than graduate and relocate.
Binghamton is my hometown. Originally a manufacturing town, over time it has become better known for higher education (SUNY Broome, Binghamton University) and healthcare (UHS and Lourdes Hospitals). The population has declined since my childhood in the 70's. We have some great parks, a local opera company and symphony, and minor league baseball and hockey teams. Our downtown is coming back thanks to the university and has a few microbreweries and new restaurants.
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After living in Binghamton for 2 years, I believe that the colleges are amazing. My time spent in college has made me enjoy and respect my professors because of the time they spent making sure I understood their classes. The town is great, there are many job opportunities and fun activities to do around town.
I would like to see an improvement with the community and the school systems. By having more involvement within each other, the community will become stronger.
Binghamton is a unique place that is greatly supported by the both Binghamton University and SUNY Broome. Universities and hospitals are the primary employers here. With the estimated population at 47,000+ its still a pretty small city, however, its growing and so are the opportunities.
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