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I've grown up in Binghamton and it's hard to believe how bad the crimes are getting. I used to feel safe here but with all the robberies and shootings you here about in the news it's changing my mind about this town. It's getting to the point where you don't feel safe letting your kids go to the mall or parks by themselves, or even leaving them home alone during the day. I'm also finding it hard to find a decent job with decent pay. Your either over qualified or under qualified. It's pretty sad when your desperate for a job and McDonalds will turn you down because you are over qualified to be employed with them. Just starting to get disappointed in the town where I grew up in.
Binghamton and the triple cities have a variety of places to shop and eat. There are really nice parks for running, biking, roller blading, as well as playgrounds. 2 great colleges are here as well as a few museums and a zoo. 3 hospitals including a major trauma center. Strict on drug laws. All in all a great city.
Binghamton is a beautiful little town with a unique history. It is the carousel capital with many of them scattered throughout the town for determined visitors to find. Binghamton university draws in a lot of people but residents could use more opportunity for night life. The town is very outdoorsy and you will find the citizens always outside running or biking with their family or dogs. The city needs some tlc but it is definitely being revamped by those who love their city.
Small city trying to get back on its feet after large business left years ago. Becoming more of a college town with the university close by. Friendly people from all walks of life.
I love the location and how beautiful it is in the fall with the leaves changing color. It's simply breathtaking! There are a wide variety of activities to do there and I couldn't have picked a better city to go to school in. One thing I would like to see change is the amount of trash on the sides of the road. It would make Binghamton even more beautiful.
"Don't forget your umbrella," the Resident Assistant tells me as I'm moving into my first dorm. Oh Binghamton, the city in which you can almost guarantee it will rain 364 days of the year. Joking, well not really. Binghamton is a great college town, not too much nightlife but just enough for your group of pals to know where you'll end up throughout the night. There has been an influx of amazing restaurants - everything from Thai, Indian, Halal, sushi, ramen... you name it, Binghamton has it! Every first Friday of the month, many of the local museums are free and open later than normal. You can check out some awesome student work, ranging from photography to oil paint. First Friday is definitely a goto! Check out Binghamton University's campus which has an amazing nature preserve with many, many deer. Hike up to the very top and breathe the freshest air! Do you feel it? That's the fresh air in your lungs, awesome!
Binghamton is a great place for college students. Lots of student housing and many student friendly businesses. Not such a great town for families though. Limited public transportation and crime has increased in the last few years.
I've lived and grown up in Binghamton, New York for almost 18 years now, and being that I'm preparing to move out for college next summer I couldn't be more excited to get out of here. Public schools are downright scary, there is no night life, safety is non-existent and there are little to no opportunities for work. If I could say anything- it would be to stay away from Binghamton.
While the weather in Binghamton leaves something to be desired, I love this little town. There is a great, thriving community, and the city is small enough to feel right at home after a short period of time.
There are some good restaurants. The area is growing and improving. Still has some issues, but there's good forward motion.
Binghamton is a great community. I am currently living in the area as a college student. Although most of my time has been spent on campus, I venture out into the community to establish a sense of belonging. I see that this area may potentionally be a community I may want to stay in and build my family in after I graduate.
Just your average city. Student housing areas are mostly safe and cozy. Large price range of housing choices. Good food and decent public transportation.
Lived here all my life, raised my children here. Great schools ( outside of middle school in city of Binghamton). SUNY Broome College and Binghamton University are top notch. Employment is a little slow.
Binghamton is overall good and safe place. the city buses and the school buses are also pretty on time. It however needs more safety in some places specially in the night.
Grey town, lacking in cultural outlets and atmosphere. It is surrounded by hills that can be quite beautiful in spring and autumn when view is not obscured by rain or clouds. Fortunately small steps towards revitalization are being taken. It's dull, but it has potential.
If you don't mind a persistently economically depressed area with poor schools that has a large percent of the population living on Section 8 Vouchers, and which is remote, hundreds of miles from any reasonable city, surrounded by toxic land polluted by companies like IBM that have since closed shop, leaving little more than cancer clusters, then you may like Binghamton.
Someone got stabbed at the local walmart recently which is scary but overall it is fine
this area is okay. It is a little run down but seems fine normally.
The crime rate is going up, more and more students are dropping out. This place used to be nice growing up. Now you have to always watch your back and make sure everything is locked or is by a camera so you can see if anything bad has happened to your belongings.
The crimes that occur the past two years we very serious, and rare to happen here. There was a shooting and drug dealers. The police took serious actions.
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