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My personal experience with this town and most of the towns surrounding is not bad, but when I think about raising my daughter here, I cannot help but think that I am doing a disservice to myself and to her. I have been to many other states, mostly to visit close relatives and for small vacations but... the aesthetic of the town could use more modern updates and there could be more opportunities for children to interact with each other.
A bit boring, but if you want to do nothing and find good people. This is the place to do it! Very friendly people and very good food.
The experience has gone downhill as far as things to do. You can only go to the casino at this point. The mall barely has any stores. There is very little entertainment.
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I currently live on the gulf coast of Biloxi, Mississippi. I love that I live seconds away from the beach. Always a beautiful sunset. One thing I would change, is that, some businesses need some remodeling or upkeeping.
Living in Biloxi is really nice! I mean, every city has their pot holes and bad neighborhoods. That would be the only thing I would recommend is to just clean up those parts of town.
I moved here from Alaska so the change in weather and scenery was welcomed. I am originally from Hawaii so the humidity is bearable. The heavy rain, strong winds, and flooded streets will take some time to get used too; but it does bring down the heat so I do not mind it. I love that the beach is only a 5-10 minute drive, although the water could be a bit more clear. The neighborhood I live in is nice and quiet along with the residents. Traffic has never been overwhelming, which I am most grateful for. One thing I think could be improved is the scarcity of street lights. Some roads are so dark in the evening, it is a bit intimidating to drive through. Some light while coming around a corner or just driving down some of the back roads would help me feel at eases while driving at night. Over all, my time in Biloxi -although short- has been positive. This is a place I could see myself retire.
It is a laidback community filled to the brim with southern hospitality. There are beaches and other enteraintment options and more on the way.
I have loved on the MS Gulf Coast for 30 years. I've moved around allot, but always end up back "home". Biloxi.. the entire Coastal area (hwy 90, beach stretch; Bay St Louis to Ocean Springs has obviously undergone many changes over the years. The casinos came. Then the hurricane hit. And for the past 15 years, our Community has been rebuilding, as well as adding more entertainment and venues, to not only appeal to our tourists, but also our residents. We are truly your "sweet tea, mashed taters, hey y'all, darlin' hunny, sweetheart, bless your heart"] Southern souls. We love to feed people, ourselves included. We love a relaxing day at the creek, beach, river.. or even just a nice fishing hole. We believe in God and we mostly live by the 'Golden Rule'. I've lived here nearly my whole life, and I've gone through all of the ups and downs with my neighbors and our community. We all stick together, and come together in times of hardship. I am proud to be a Mississippi Southern Gal. ♥️
I moved to Biloxi, MS after getting married to my wife two years ago. My children have gone to the public schools here and have excelled on all levels. We love the interaction with the city sport for the children. I am a Marine veteran so having the VA center down here that is a great benefit to me and my family. Biloxi does lack the choices of things to do out such big cities like Birmingham and New Orleans.
Biloxi is a great sight to see with the Casinos and sandy beach on the Ms Gulf Coast. Amazing hospitality from the local residents and great tasting seafood.
Biloxi is a wonderful place to live. After growing up there for 18 years, you learn to know and love the many places that the city offers you. There are lots of local restaurants and shops that have so much history and authenticity that give the city its unforgettable atmosphere. If you love the fishing or going to a nearby beach to relax, Biloxi is the place to be. With the vast seafood history located in this city, you can learn a lot from locals and museums about the history of how that city became such a huge seafood capital and how the city thrived off of the fresh seafood caught in its waters. The beaches do not compare to Florida or California beaches with their blue waters and immense beach goers, but it is a nice place to take a walk along on a relaxing day. There are also neighboring cities that offer more modern options and franchises that are close by. You could drive 30 minutes to enter another historic city such as Ocean Springs or Gulfport if you are seeking a change.
Biloxi is a very family oriented city with lots of tourist activity. The local casinos bring in alot of new faces and the beaches are a great point of relaxation. The local military community add an extra dynamic to the mix, providing a safe haven for military veterans.
I love the coastal vibe of Biloxi, but I would change the job availability and pay on the Gulf Coast. It is very hard to find jobs that pay more than $14 an hour even with a degree.
This is the second time I have lived in Biloxi. I'm an 87 year old US Air Force retiree. I like the weather, my neighbors, being near an Air Force base and the cost of living is reasonable.
Housing is expensive and not all that big for the price they are wanting. The beach is terrible and disgusting, and there are a lot of tourists in the summer and on spring break. A lot of casinos and some fun kid/teenager activities. The school system is pretty good after you get over the fact that you have to live in Biloxi to enter, even if you live in Gulfport, but are closer to Biloxi High School.
It is a small town. Everyone is very polite and there for each other. I did not have to worry about kidnapping or dangerous activity in my neighborhood,
I moved away because of hurricane Katrina to Jackson Mississippi.. and boy what a mistake 15 year's later I'm back and live right off the beach ..thank god
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If I had one option to change something about Biloxi, I would change our malls. When you live here and you need to go shopping for specific things, you usually have to drive to New Orleans or Mobile to get some good items.
Biloxi has a lot to offer for singles, couples, and even families. The school system is great as well. The casinos offer lots of job opportunities.
I love Biloxi. I grew up in a city called Long Beach, which is 20 minutes away from my current residence. I'm close to my favorite stores and restaurants.
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