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I have lived in Biloxi for 2 years now. I think Biloxi need more activities and attractions for children. I understand the casinos bring in a lot of tourist but kids activities would bring in a lot of tourist as well. Its not a bad environment to live in. The people are not as friendly. I don't even know any of my neighbors. They don't speak when passing.
Biloxi is a friendly city with a bustling Casino life. The beaches are kept clean and the environment is fun and immersive.
Biloxi has everything there is to offer. There is a little of everything here for all ages to enjoy while they are visiting. Its a small town with a lot of life. The food is amazing! And who doesn't love the opportunity to win money at any one of the many casinos they have to offer.
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Biloxi, MS is a small and quiet city located along the gulf coast. The majority of the population consist of military and retired personnel. Many tourist destinations are within driving distance(New Orleans, Pensacola, Mobile). Not much entertainment in the area outside of going to casinos. People are very friendly.
I have recently moved to this area and so far I love it! There's always plenty to do! Schools are "A" rated schools, jobs are abundant, lots dining and recreation! I grew up in Alabama, moved here from Florida, and I feel like I have found my happy median! That great southern hospitality mixed with that bigger city feel PLUS beaches!
Biloxi is large city with a lot things to do. Dining and lodging are stellar. The city offer some of the most popular casinos in the nation. There are many festivities to engage in. These range from "cruising the coast", which draws thousands to the city each year in October, to concerts and fairs. Biloxi is an ideal city to retire and enjoy being in great environment.
I have been living in Biloxi Mississippi for 8 years. I love the environment its a very beautiful place with tons for thing to do.
I was born and raised in southern California and moved to Biloxi almost eight years ago. The ambiance this city exudes is eclectic due to the vast population of military personnel; however, its history and deep Southern traditions still thrive. The sun is hot and bright (which I love) over here. It's a great place to raise a family.
Biloxi is a great place for retirees to settle and has fantastic beach scenery. There are casinos off the beach and hotels for families to getaway for a vacation. Despite Hurricane Katrina damaging this area, it has recovered drastically and is moving forward to become one of the greatest cities for people all over.
I like that there are things to do and the beaches are close. I have only lived in MS for a few months. I am an Illinois resident here on active duty military orders. I like that the people are friendly and the casinos are nice.
I like Biloxi because I feel at home when I am here. There is no other place I would rather live. I've lived in other cities in Mississippi and this one, by far, has been my favorite place to live. Compared to other places, the people are friendly and the area is not crowded, which are some of many reasons why I love living in Biloxi, Mississippi. I have visited many other states, but the Biloxi area is where my hearts calls out to. Being in this part of United States allows me to be myself and enjoy the area around me.
Nestled in the heart of the Mississippi gulf coast, Biloxi offers genuine southern hospitality with a rich history. Biloxi and the surrounding cities have been investing heavily in their expansion to support the optimistic future of this beautiful coastal region. With addition casinos, shopping centers, and various entertainment complexes being built, Biloxi is a not only a southern tourist location, but it is also an enticing area when considering a new place to call home.
Great place to raise a family, slow paced environment, and close to all main attractions that Mississippi, Alabama, or Louisiana has to offer! Biloxi, MS holds the most attractions for nightlife on the coast with numerous casino's, Fat Tuesday's, bars and restaurants.
Biloxi is a great place to live. From the casinos and nightlife, to the water parks and child friendly environments. Biloxi has everything to offer to someone seeking a peaceful getaway. We have our famous seafood restaurants along with soul Kitchens. If you're looking for somewhere to vaca and relax, Biloxi is the place! We recently gained our own baseball team, the Shuckers, which sits across from our beaches. We have a variety of casinos where winning is made fun! Excellent place to visit. We also have boat tours to the islands nearby and tours of the city itself! What are you waiting for! Biloxi is absolutely the best place to be!
Down town Biloxi contain beautiful historic architecture with a touch of modern life. Unfortunately directly behind the historic Main Street poverty, drugs, and gang activity walk the streets making tourist uneasy. The roads are also well behind scheduled repairs taking away for the structural beauty.
Biloxi is a small beach town in Mississippi. There are many casinos along the coastline and the climate is nice almost all year long. It's very crowded and there is plenty of beautiful sights to see.
Crime isn't very big in this area. It is kept at a minimum. The men and women that serve this town do a good job of keeping everyone safe.
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I enjoy my hometown. There's a lot to do and a lot to see. It's one of the better and more populated cities along the Gulf Coast. I do want to travel and see more places, but I could see myself living here again.
There has not been that much crime in this area the past few years.
The people are extremely welcoming. Biloxi is a beautiful place to live and has great local restaurants and attractions.
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