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Billings is the biggest city in Montana. It is known as the Magic City. Billings is growing and with it comes growing pains.
Billings is a great city located in Montana. Billings is still rural enough to give you the love of outdoors and mountains, but large enough to give you the nightlife of music and fun if that's your "thing".

When you dig deeper into a relationship with Billings, the schools are strong. From a personal perspective, a teacher in the high school my son attends shows passion about the growth of my son's studies to the point of being there for his struggles through the holidays when others were taking time off. That's dedication!

The weather itself in Montana is something to get used to, with nice temperatures in the Summer months, but pretty frigid during the Winter. However, don't fret it too much, your body acclimates to the changes and once that happens you'll be enjoying the frigid waters of the Yellowstone River with the rest of them.

Overall Billings is a pretty awesome place to live and/or visit.
I really enjoy being surround by a strong community. On thing I would change is the city having enough housing to take in homeless people.
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The worst place I've lived, and I've lived in a lot of places. The people here are remarkably rude, inconsiderate, aggressive, and backwards. No one knows how to drive: they stop at roundabouts, don't recognize right-of-way, hit people!, and much more. There is a massive drug problem with drug paraphernalia found everywhere from parks to parking lots. There's litter on every street. It's a scummy city, trapped in 1982, pretentiously improving everything that doesn't matter in an attempt to catch up to Seattle and the like -- while, on the best of days, they may come close only to the sketchier sections of Seattle. If Montana was a city, Billings would be right up there with the "bad side" and someplace you'd be happier avoiding. You probably won't be murdered here, but there's nothing to make it even worth the risk.
Billings, MT is a nice place to be. It has enough small town feels while still being a city. It is located not far from many outdoor trails, and skiing. Its growing with indoor activities as well.
Billings is a the largest city in Montana but it still has that small town vibe to it. My favorite place in Billings is the Rims which is very unique and not something you get to see often so to be able to live here is great. Most people are very nice here and make you feel welcome where ever you go. I really like that you can get many aspects of a big city yet if you drive an hour in any direction you get a new beautiful place to explore, I am very thankful this is my home.
Huge drugs problem, trying to commute from point a to point B is a grueling task, and dealing with native women and their outlook on the white female population is horrible. The city has a cold feeling to it. There is a sense of community however it lies within different groups of cultural diversity.
I was born and raised here but the crime has increased significantly. Along with that it does not keep new food places very well.
I like the beautiful sunsets and clean air. Billings is family friendly, diverse, and easily accessible.
I have lived in Billings since the age of four and have grown to admire the sights, opportunities, people, and friendly atmosphere.
Billings is a beautiful place to live with its beautiful big blue skys, golden fields, and homey feeling. The city is big enough to have something to do, and small enough to stay connected with family and friends. The city is full of delicious restaurants, a lively downtown night life, and an atmosphere that welcomes diversity and fun!
Billings is a beautiful city! Close to the mountains and lots to do. The drivers are not the best, but they can drive in snow. We love the activities available swimming, fishing, canoeing, camping and others. Close proximity to Yellowstone National Park and plenty to do there as well. The river offers swimming and fishing and the mountains and national park offer camping. Having lived here almost all of my life, this is where I want to be.
Burger Dive is pretty decent. The people here are hit and miss. Some are pretty nice while others can be right bastards. If you like hot wings the Plaza has some amazing habanero huckleberry wings. If you want to go even hotter Grand stand has its After Death Wings. Those are brutal. Music scene is alright. Granted smaller venues aren't as prevalent as they once were. Kirk's Grocery does smaller bands and artists as well as hosts art from locals. Craft Local hosts smaller bands as well as carries beer from around the state. The Heights is a horrendous force of nature with its terrible traffic and drivers.
This town use to be one of the better towns in Montana, however, over the years it seems as though it's the dirtiest and Carry's the highest crime rate.
I now live in Billings because I am a student at a local College. Billings reminds me of my hometown in eastern Washington. It is of similar size and the climate is similar as well. I have heard great things about the public schools, family friendliness, night life, and real estate market. Montana residents have a lot of hometown pride and it definitely shows in Billings. The commuting time in Billings is very reasonable considering it is the largest town in Montana. My average communing time is about 15 minutes to wherever I need to go. Overall, I would say that Billings would be a great place to settle down and raise a family one day or a great place to retire. It is centrally located in the beautiful state of Montana and is also only three hours away from Yellowstone National Park. There are also great hiking trails, dog parks, and breweries in town.
I've lived in Billings my entire life, and I love it. Its growing rapidly, is basically recession proof, and has been noted as the second best place in the US to raise a child.
There's a lot of restaurants to pick from and good food. The people I have met so far have been nice and helpful. I don't know much about how great the job market is here though.
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I like many things about Billings. The first thing that I have enjoyed about Billings is all the outdoor activities that there is and you do not have to go very far to do like hiking and fishing to name a couple. Also the community is great everyone here is very nice and if you are new to the area everyone is very welcoming. Overall it is a great place for someone to grow up and to live.
As a Billings native, I believe the city would benefit from more diverse entertainment - for all age groups and interests.
Billings can be an awesome place to live depending on your income. There are all kinds of activities available if you have the funds. There are 5 star restaurants along with dive diners. Downtown scenic Billings is beautiful.
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