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I am a graduating Senior that has excelled academically, athletically and socially.
The only thing I wish the Town of Billerica, MA did differently was promote itself in a better light outside the community.
Billerica is a hard working community that is very family orientated. The people support the youth in all aspects, but can't figure out how to get out of the way to allow them to succeed on their own.
Living in Billerica has changed my life for the better. I originally come from Lynn which runs rampant with violence . I was forced to live in fear of being gunned down at every moment. but 3 years ago I came to Billerica with my dad. Ever since my life has been amazing. Billerica is a peaceful place , with plenty of things to do. Ive met so many great people and made so many friends. Billerica is truly a place to call home if you re looking to get away from the city
I'd like to see a few more restaurants. Need more businesses in town. Some empty places. Overall it's a good town. Schools are getting better.
Things still happen when they shouldn't
There is some crime, but it is reasonably safe and has improved a lot.
This area is a pretty average suburb with little to do.
The police are always alert and responsive. They are around when they're needed.
There is nothing to do in town, which leaves residents no choice but to travel to do anything.
This area has an amazing school support system but lacks getting kids involved
I grew up here, and I wouldn't choose to live anywhere else. There are downsides, but the neighborhood is lovely, and while on the more expensive side for the town, it's on the inexpensive side for the surrounding towns.
In any area, there are desirable and undesirable attributes, people and opinions. I have chosen to be with people who have similar interests and abilities as myself. I am relatively intelligent, college bound and consider myself to be a good and concerned citizen of my community. I have chosen I similar friends and we are all going off to competitive colleges in a variety of academic areas. I think. My town is considered blue collar historically, but the up and coming generations are not.
Living in Billerica my whole life has had a positive affect on me. The general atmosphere of Billerica is great, very sports orientated. I would chose to live here again, and maybe even raise my own family here. I would do it all over again, Billerica is very family orientated and its school system is getting better and better with a new high school being built in the near future. Living on the east coast as compared to anywhere else is much better.
I'm very happy to have grown up in this area, considering how much worse it could have been. I feel a lot safer in Billerica than I would in many other places. We aren't a poor community but we're not a rich one either, we lie in the middle. I'm thankful to have lived in a safe, quiet neighborhood during my childhood.
The neighborhoods are pleasant and very safe at night too. Although there is really nothing to see or do near here. In the future, I do not plan on living here since I do not predict any major changes will be happening.
It has some options as to stores. It's very limited to grocery shopping in that there are 3 Market Baskets in the same town.
It is just very average and does lack quantity.
There are some, not too many but they are very average.
police are very good around the area
its ok but could be a lot better
Unless you go to the Center Cafe to drink, or you enjoy stomaching a boatload of grease from liberty bell than your best bet in this area for a night out is Garrison's or the 99's. Neither of them are good choices either, but they are the lesser of the two evils. However I do recommend the fish chowder at the 99's and Belly Buster Diner for breakfast. Both are really tasty.
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