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Billerica is a nice, family friendly town. Not that big, not that small. It's usually quiet and everyone comes together as a community. A nice place to live not a lot happens. Plazas all over the place so there's plenty of stores and supermarkets to choose from.
Great! I love Billerica overall. I have left to go to college, but still live at home during holidays.
Billerica is a great place to live and raise a family. Schools are good and there are a lot of sports activities for kids.
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Billerica has good & bad. GOOD... lots of opportunities to be outside & meet your neighbors. Also, road improvement is always happening somewhere. BAD...The town makes no effort to enforce vehicle noise by-laws; as a result, Billerica has TERRIBLE noise pollution. Motorcyclists with illegal exhaust terrorize the streets at ALL hours like neglected kids with noisy toys. Litter is terrible here too. People toss trash onto roadways like it is their right to do so. They're selfish & short-sighted & should be fined heavily. There is a heavy "redneck" element that have nothing better to offer than mattresses, TVs, refrigerators & other bulky junk on their lawns. The only time these slugs get off their butts is to drag their trash into the woods to poison the aquifer & destroy the environment. The town needs to fine all violators & improve the community with fine revenue.
My overall experience with living in Billerica has been quite different from living in the city of East Boston. There are less people living in Billerica than the city, and its much quieter. I enjoy the scenery and do not like the insect activity. Overall I enjoy living in Billerica, but still miss the city.
Billerica has many good organizations such as the Challenger Baseball League. The recreation department offers many programs for youths and adults. Overall Billerica is a great town
Great neighborhoods, great recreation department, great Boys and Girls club. So many things for kids. Big town, with a smaller town feel. Schools were good as well.
Billerica is a very old town dated back in the 1630s. Its very historical with yankee doodle being its biggest event every year.
Billerica is a relatively safe town. It is very large, and you will always find somewhere new to go. There are plenty of places to shop and eat in town and in the neighboring towns. There is a fair share of crime, and the roads aren't in the best condition, but overall it is a pretty good town
What I enjoy about Billerica is it's strong community base in town sports and within the public schools. I would like to see cosmetic/beautification updates around town.
I am a graduating Senior that has excelled academically, athletically and socially.
The only thing I wish the Town of Billerica, MA did differently was promote itself in a better light outside the community.
Billerica is a hard working community that is very family orientated. The people support the youth in all aspects, but can't figure out how to get out of the way to allow them to succeed on their own.
Living in Billerica has changed my life for the better. I originally come from Lynn which runs rampant with violence . I was forced to live in fear of being gunned down at every moment. but 3 years ago I came to Billerica with my dad. Ever since my life has been amazing. Billerica is a peaceful place , with plenty of things to do. Ive met so many great people and made so many friends. Billerica is truly a place to call home if you re looking to get away from the city
I'd like to see a few more restaurants. Need more businesses in town. Some empty places. Overall it's a good town. Schools are getting better.
Things still happen when they shouldn't
There is some crime, but it is reasonably safe and has improved a lot.
This area is a pretty average suburb with little to do.
The police are always alert and responsive. They are around when they're needed.
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There is nothing to do in town, which leaves residents no choice but to travel to do anything.
This area has an amazing school support system but lacks getting kids involved
I grew up here, and I wouldn't choose to live anywhere else. There are downsides, but the neighborhood is lovely, and while on the more expensive side for the town, it's on the inexpensive side for the surrounding towns.
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