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I love the community of Big Spring. There are some rough parts of town, but my overall experience has been good.
I love that Big Spring is a small town in Texas. This town is a home for me and my family. We have been able to make strong community ties here in this quaint town. I dislike the amount of oil field workers that are just here for the money.
Big Spring is a nice, semi-quiet town. It offers a nice city and state park, for walking and feeding ducks. Big Spring has three main grocery stores including Wal-Mart, HEB and Porters. The town does not have many entertainment outlets but does offer bowling, movies, and a skate land. It has few places to eat, mainly mom-and-pop restaurants, and fast food chains. However just a short distances down the road in each direction is a well known Texas town for shopping and entertainments. The city has beautiful views or the sky and sunset. The community itself is very strong and supportive, and always willing to help a neighbor.
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For being considered a "small town" Big Spring has many opportunities to offer. The community college, Howard College, has one of the largest attractions of the town. People from all over the world come to Howard College to play sports and continue their education. The town also offers many job opportunities including but not limited to: The Geo Group, VA Medical Center, State Hospital, and FCI Federal Prison.
I have lived here all 32 years of my life. There is good and bad, like any place. Our crime rate is a little higher than a typical town this size. We have an awesome historical district and the people here are super friendly. We have several different festivals during they year. We are the "Lighted Poinsettia Capitol" of the World.
Small oil field town. Everything is based off of oil prices
It is what you make of it. Personally, I don't think Big Spring is that bad. However, after graduating from high school I do not plan to move back. Most of the people here are kind. Southern hospitality does exist here, people hold doors open either for you or behind them, they smile a lot and just say "hi" to random people in the grocery store or around town.
Not as bad as some people will have you believe. These people are just paranoid and pick up every little thing on police scanners.
Growing up here, I am somewhat partial to the area.
As far as personal experience goes, we have had help but not enough concern from the authorities. Lately, I have seen more cop cars on routes in town. As a town with two prisons, minor things are usually overlooked by the authorities while focus is on major crimes.
The town is an average sized West Texas town. The atmosphere revolves around heritage, football oil and more football. Although the town is generally diverse we often come together as a community when supporting families and other events. If I could choose to do it all over again, I would choose to move here sooner. Our high school does not get the best ratings but we are granted with amazing opportunities that aren't offered even 13 miles down the road. Being compared to the rest of this country wouldn't be fair. It's an oil town off of 1-20 with a diverse community that has one big heart. I think the future for this town will remain the same, being remembered as giving the world a few football players, country singers and doing the best we can.
Not much crime and generally a safe place.
It can be boring and I'd rather live somewhere with more things to do.
Houses stay on the market about 6 months or less if they are asking a good price. After a while vacant houses are bought and flipped. Then rented or sold.
Most people have lived here a long time, others stay a couple of years.
Since the oil boom fell, more people have settled in this area because it's cheaper. They're not working so the crime rate has gone up a little. Overall, just be cautious.
This area is definitely an oil town. Just within the past couple of years has the population boomed and new businesses rooted here. For its future I see it slowly growing but it will never be very big.
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Some houses are kept up but others are complete disaster
The community may be bad, but when someone needs help we come together to help.
There is a lot of violence and crime in my town. However, my family fortunately has not been affected by the crime.
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