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The cost of living is to high so a lot of homes are foreclosed
A lot of things could be better and they also could be worse. Im happy that things are ok and improving
Not worried about crime. Most of the people keep to themselves
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I love the people who live in the area. They are friendly. they take good care of the neighborhood
There hasn't been any crime in this area. No one has to worry about getting their homes broken into or there possessions vandalised and stolen. There is a Sherri that lives in our neighborhood less than a mile away from my home. It's a safe environment. However we do not have any streetlights. As far as yards being upkept I do get a little concerned if my neighbors grads is too high because we do have snakes and other pest.
In my neighborhood, it is peaceful and quiet. There's no yelling, horn beeping, or crime. I was born and raised here and I currently live here still. My neighbors are polite elderly people who used to babysit me. In our peaceful solidified environment everyone knows one another and are well acquainted with each other.
There hasn't been much crime, but every once and a while there is, and nothing seems to be done.
I love the peacefulness here and all the trees.
It safe, the kids can play outside without worrying about somebody being taken, or hurt.
I love that it is not a lot of traffic, it quite, the neighbors knows and watches out for one another.
I like the area okay. Scenery and landscape is nice and close to several larger cities. Only thing that is bad is the internet service. No DSL. Tv is through DirectTV satellite and our service carrier is AT&T and has to be the wireless service to get on internet. So everything I do online is limited to just 10GB total per month (bad).
A blend of country/city living
I live in Little Rock Arkansas. The education here is decent. Things to do for people my age, very little;but, for older people the attractions are quite limitless. I love it here: the people are nice, it's quit, the nature here is extraordinary. If I could redew my life it would be here. The only improvements that my state needs is a better education system and some amusement parks and what not for people from ages 6 to 26. Other than that I couldn't have asked for a better state to live in.
Little Rock, Arkansas is a town you come to love. The police violence that you see all over social media doesn't take place here. The ruthless beatings of unarmed citizens by others, just for the videos, doesn't happen here. It's a nice place, that I'm proud to say I've grown up in. I've felt safe to go play in my front yard, without the feeling or threat of getting taken away. I've felt safe to walk around my small area of town. It's nice and I couldn't have asked for a better youth in a better place.
Unless you are willing to work at Mcdonalds or some other fast food eatery you have limited job oppourtunties.
It is scary trying to pull out of the driveway where I live. There are always cars speeding by really fast.
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