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Big Rapids is an area where you have the small town feel, yet all your needs are met. Locals are friendly and the University is a great place to invest in your future!
There's not a lot going on in this small town, but it's peaceful and feels like home. If you're looking for a nightlife or lots of shopping opportunities, this isn't the right place.
Big Rapids is a very tiny city. There's hardly anything to do. I only came here because of Ferris State University.
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We really like it here in Big Rapids. There is a lot of convenience for shopping, and with having Ferris State University here, there's a lot of opportunity to be involved in different things.
I enjoy the many stores in the city as well as the down town area. Right down the road is the campus of ferris state which is also a beautiful place. There a few good spots such as shooters bar and grill if you want a night out on the town. As well as the gate with many fun activities such as bowling.
A small town that is currently expanding with the university. Recently opened local market and unique downtown shops in addition to larger, well-known chains.
I love that college has brought me here! It is the perfect small town, that isn't too small. But also close to Grand Rapids.
I really like the small city! The college campus here is absolutely fantastic, and the nature scenery is gorgeous as well. Very family freindly!
It is a quant little college town with surprisingly good shopping. The bar scene could use some rehabilitation, but has lately taken some steps in the right direction. The local dining is impressive and the parks are good for children.
Big Rapids is a nice college town. Everything on campus is within 20 minutes of each other. They have a nice quaint downtown area with lots of unique local shops and restaurants. I also like that there is a free campus shuttle bus for students at Ferris.
I am a Ferris State Student which means I am here for about 10 months out of the year. The university makes up most of the town. It is a small community that works to support each other and Ferris students greatly help with this as well. It definitely could use some more businesses and restaurants but it is a nice town.
Big Rapids is a great small town. There are two major parts, the college area, with big stores and new resturants. Then there is the old town, that has smaller reatuarnts and stores. Both areas are great!
Big Rapids is a college town because Ferris State University is located here. Due to it being a college town, the majority of the population are renters, not people who have mortgages and pay taxes, therefore the roads do not get fixed. However, I appreciate the small-town feel of the town and the safety I feel being a young, female student to attend college here.
I like Big Rapids because it's a small town and I'm from a small town so it feels like home in a way. The only down side to living in a small town is there's not a whole lot to do around here. So one thing I would change would be to have more things going on in the community and making it a better place to live.
Everything around the area is very well put together.
It is a very peaceful school area.
There is little to no crime here in Big Rapids.
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I love Big Rapids; there's just nothing to do.
There's not too much crime in this area. The main concern is college students messing around. The cops are usually on them, but there always instances where the cops have no control. College students a lot of times wonder around drunk at night and steal/vandalize. In these situations, it's nearly impossible for cops to be able to find who did it.
This town is composed mainly of college students who vandalize and steal from local residents. There are very few activities/entertainment options. There are several nice local restaurants, but other than the main source of food is fast food. There is very little culture and the people here are generally all the same.
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