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Big Rapids Charter Township Reviews

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Big Rapids has a fairly diverse selection of restaurants. A decent amount of places to workout, train, or enjoy physical activities. Home to Ferris State University, so their are many programs to be involved in. The town could use a better night life. The new breweries in town help, but still could use more current pop culture entertainment to attend at night.
I honestly believe it is very safe.
I feel as though it is a pretty average neighborhood, it is a college town with fairly low crime rates.
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I believe being a smaller town that the city, sheriff, and state police are very visible.
I love this town and especially my neighbors.
It is easy to walk places. There are no places to park on the campus and they ticket everyone.
Not many natural disasters in this area, maybe a little flooding as the weather changes from winter (lots of snow) to spring because of the thaw
Applebee's is the best option for drinks and late night specials, not really anyplace to go dancing.
The job market is very slim in this area, most people work at the college because of the benefits. The salary is not the best and it is hard to get into.
I can get everything that I need here
Its great if you go out and explore, its pretty safe here so going out on trails and exploring is great for exercise.
Job market is decent if you are looking for a temporary minimum wage job.
Not very many large parks or beaches, lots of places to go on the river, swimming and tubing
This town is pretty small and quiet its fairly boring for a college town
There are a lot of apartment complexes to rent from, some are more expensive than others. But most are reasonable.
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