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I like the outdoors and recreational events this town has to offer. You can fish in any of the waters surrounding the small town. There are freshwater fishing and craw-daddy catching. You can also take hikes in both the Inyo Mountains and Eastern Sierras where you'll find a lot of wildlife such as snakes, chipmunks, rabbits, mountain goats, bears, mountain lions and the many bird species. This town also holds many family events such as its annual Easter Egg Hunting at the park, 4th of July BBQ/Fun Run, Christmas tree lighting. Also enjoy the local tribal events such as their Fall Fandango Parade/Walk/BBQ/Traditional dances/Kids games. Don't forget to take your camera along with you. You'll want to take some incredible photos of the crater just south of town. Hopefully if the time is right, you'll catch a glimpse of the elk that love to graze in the alfalfa fields.
Big Pine is a place that is often out of sight and out of mind, a town that is often overlooked on maps and mistaken for a smudge or speck of dust. But for the few who stop to spend a little time are often taken aback by the town's beautiful backyard in the marvelous Eastern Sierras. Though it is a small town, it's got a lot of heart and character.
Big Pine is a small town in Inyo County which is an excellent place for hiking, climbing, running, camping, and anything outdoors. A 15 min drive to Bishop and an hour drive to Mammoth, Big Pine is close to all of the outdoor venues including Yosemite. It is a genuine small town, with a small grocery store and a couple gas stations. There are about 4 local restaurants. While the economy isn't bustling, it is an excellent place to raise children. It is a quite safe place to live. Big Pine has a public elementary school, middle school, and high school. Big Pine is a perfect place for a family wanting out of the chaos of the city or for retirement.
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its great if you want to retire other then that you have to have money or a job and those are hard to find here.
The better paying jobs in the area are hard to find.
Most of the food and drinks in the area are good. Some are better than others.
There is a small bar and restaurant that has a very limited menu, but the items they have are excellent. The staff is great, the atmosphere is very cozy. It is one of my favorite places to eat.
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