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Over all big lake is a very nice town! Although we need more sidewalks and a better road system over all everything is well put together!
They have good intentions that don't always work out but it is good overall.
police do a good job at keeping us safe.
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Compared to other parts of the country, this area looks great. There are areas that could be cleaned up, but nothing major.
Not too much crime. Living close to the trailer park does bring a little higher crime within the town.
Not much community going on. Not sure why. Seems like the neighbors want to keep to themselves. Different from other communities I've lived in.
Don't live by the ocean, but it does now and rain. Blizzards and tornadoes are the most common types of disasters.
Isn't much to choose from. Very small. The food and drink options aren't that great. Only one nice cafe with great breakfast food.
There are few places to work with a decent pay. More gas station type jobs in town.
Not very large. Not many restaurants. More of a mom and pop feel.
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