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It's just a small farming town, but Newark definitely has character. I especially enjoyed my high school experience in Newark. The high school staff and faculty are all very knowledgeable and caring for their students. The school is very technologically advanced for a small town school.
We are the last to be taken care of bec the area is not populated
Gotta drive somewheres to do something fun
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Its the country. Nough said
Dirt roads and potholes. Speeding is not a concern because people dont really care unless it is reckless driving
Quality depends on buying a lot and building your own house. People dont really move in this area.
Love the area. Would love to live here forever, but obligations cause are going to cause me to move soon
no crime to speak of, except for local teens driving out to get drunk by the roadside
Its in the countryside so there are lots of open areas but you have to travel a little ways to go to parks
You have to go to surrounding towns the majority of the time to get jobs. Lately local businesses have been hiring a lot though.
They are great, food is good, museum is interesting. And there are friendly people owning the other businesses. All of the companies are locally owned and they thrive. Except the pizza place, no one can ever seem to "make it" there.
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