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The scenery is absolutely beautiful and there's quite a bit of things to do. It's a great place to raise a family. Most of the people are extremely nice. The town runs more on the conservative side which at times can be very frustrating if you're not conservative. The winter and summer resort seasons can be very hectic but if you know the back roads or just choose to stay in it's no big deal. If you're visiting as a tourist there's many beautiful and fun attractions to participate in.
Great place to live. It has many great, beautiful scenic views. Great trails, restaurants, small shops, and great people. Many teens that live here say they want to move but when they do, they end up missing it tons, and want to move back because their friends are here. It's the fact that it's a small community that makes you feel special, you feel loved by the caring people that reside here. A place of great things, and I know I've been here for years.
I was born and raised in Big Bear City and it is a wonderful town full of big-hearted compassionate people. The community looks out for its members. This is a safe community is which having and raising children is comfortable and desirable. The whole community is very family friendly and comfortable.
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Very simple website to use and have no problem being able to understand how and when to apply. I would recommend this website to others that may want to apply for a scholarship
There are minor robberies in homes and especially cars. People need to be careful not to leave temptations out in visible areas for criminals.
The police and fire departments are well managed and have a high level of commitment to the community that they serve.
The weather is what could be described as four seasons, which is not typical for Southern California. However, because we are located at 6,000 feet above sea level and have 2 mountain ski resorts that are above 8,000 feet, we have snow in the winter and refreshing summers that typically sit in the low 70s. The snow storms are never very severe and do not last for months (usually only days or weeks) and then melt between storms. Our lake is being impacted by the drought, however, and is looking unusually low. The only concern for natural disasters would be earthquakes (the last good shake was in 1992) which are not too concerning, and wild fires, due to our proximity to national forest surrounding the valley. Wardrobe items include bathing suits, shorts and tank tops for the summer, and beanie hats, gloves and parkas for the winter.
The main job openings always seem to be the same - housekeepers for the weekend cabin rentals. A very lack luster job that is primarily physical, with no chance for advancement.
There are a few (and I mean few) good quality restaurants to choose from. Primarily there are lower end restaurants but no medium style chain or otherwise places to take a family to. There is a little variety. Mexican, Himilayan, American, and Thai. But nothing to shout out from the roof tops. The Big Bear Brewery has an avocado bomb that is yummy, El Jacalito has some tasty fajitas, and the Peppercorn has some great salads and steak dishes. For a little dive bar, Murray's serves some extra large portions, inexpensively priced, tasty burgers and steaks (and Karaoke if you dare).
Living in a small town means a lot of different shops for a variety of things. I would prefer more one stop shopping (ie; kids department, home department, mens and womens department, all in one place). However, the local shops and shop owners are wonderful and provide what they consider are the needs of residents and try to appeal to the visitors as well. That must be fairly difficult.
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