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It is a small rural town, but not far from a college town or other towns. Many of the residents seem to be hard working, retired, or keep to themselves, but it is said others are into drugs. I keep to myself, and have not had much trouble from others.
The crime isnt too bad. However; i cant say I would walk alone outside at night by myself.
I absolutely do not like where I am living. It is a very trashy town. I would prefer to live in the country somwhere. My fiance and i have even talked about moving to another state once i am all done with school.
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We live in Indiana so the weather is always terrible
The Applebee's is ok the food is average and the service suck
There is never any jobs open for people to acquire
The town is terrible. It was once a great mining town but over time it has fallen
The police always seem to arrive but they are never able to figure out anything. Our meth population is out of control
Has great food but the service is lacking. Cleaning better would help
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