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Bexley is a quiet, charming little suburb east of Columbus. Their are a few cute restaurants and bookshops, but it is mostly residential. I love this town for the tight-knit community, safety, and culture. It would be nice to see more locally owned businesses set up downtown Bexley. I think that would add even more personality to the area.
I have lived in Bexley my entire life and have always loved it. Once I graduate from college and have kids, I want to bring them back to Bexley for them to experience the same amount of joy I had. Bexley has a great school system that I found myself very comfortable in, a friendly neighborhood, great people, and amazing opportunities for everyone. With it being such a small community, it allows everyone to grow closer and be one as a culture.
bexley is a nice place to live. they are one of the best public schools to go to in ohio top of the list. the living area is very friendly clean and nice.
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As a student at Capital University, Bexley is a great area to be a part of. Very clean, lots of stuff to do, beautiful parks, and a very safe environment.
Bexley is a beautiful neighborhood, I finally live in a city where I feel safe getting into my car at night, or walking to my boyfriends in the day. Every thing is close enough to walk to and the people are friendly.
A great small town to grow up in. The schools are first rate and everyone
who wants to be on a team can as well as be in the theatre.
Very safe town. Great schools. Walking distance to all spots in town. The people are dedicated to education. The schools are excellent.
There is not a huge amount of crime but every once in a while there will be word on the news about a stolen bike or a break-in. Nothing too dramatic or hard to fix and keep under control.
I love this town! It's full of so many opportunities from ages 3 and up. From schools, to job opportunities, and even groceries. The community is beautiful thanks to a very committed group of council members hard at work to make sure Bexley stays a gorgeous and safe community for its people to enjoy.
There never seems to be a problem with it
Bexley is a safe community with a great atmosphere
Overall, there is little crime in this area. Of the crime that I am aware of, majority of it is very minor. The only downside to this area is that it is surrounded by a not very safe area. Of course, this is not something that the city can control. They do a very good job.
Very welcoming and safe. I would recommend this area to anyone. Out of everywhere that I have lived, this is definitely the best.
It is a very safe neighborhood!
A very safe neighborhood with a great public school system and plenty of local businesses
Small crimes occasionally. But for the most part I feel safe. I'm comfortable walking alone at night.
I love the community feel of my city and the perfect location close to downtown and many shopping areas nearby. I would live here later in my life.
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Areas surrounding the city leave a bit to the imagination. The city itself is pretty safe. Crime when it occurs is typically from someone outside of the city. People in the area know the police are vigilant.
An outstanding place to live. Great homes, great restaurants, great schools, great civic events. Close to airport, downtown, and major shopping centers. Outstanding city services, police force and city government.
Columbus is a great city and has something for everyone. We have sports from college to professional soccer and hockey and a great minor league baseball team. There are a ton of family activities to go explore downtown, festivals of every kind, new restaurants coming all the time, a college campus, and a crazy night life for adults. Columbus doesn't get a lot of recognition, but we are a city made for everyone in mind and has endless enjoyment opportunities for those ready to explore.
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