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I like living in Beverly Hills, Michigan because I feel safe when walking down the street as well as how family friendly the whole town is. Also the town is only a half an hour drive from the ever growing city of Detroit.
What I like about Beverly Hills is the safety of the town and the numerous activities and restaurants they provide. What I would like to see change is the cost of living.
Lots of room for diversity since there are lots of high schools in the area. Also, for recreational purposes, there are many sports clubs, shopping centers, and downtown Birmingham has lots of new food eateries. Downtown Birmingham is a great hangout place for families and friends of all ages. Lastly, this suburb is not far from the Detroit Area, which makes a shorter commute time for downtown Detroit and experiencing the vibrant night life. There have many renovations and opportunities in Detroit that attract consumers from all suburbs.
Review Beverly Hills
A safe, welcoming neighborhood in a community with great schools and local businesses. Well-maintained roads and easy travel in and around town.
The public safety building with Police and Fire is at the entrance of the subdivision. Extremely safe.
Ive enjoyed growing up here. At the end of the street is a 100 acre park where I walk my dog, skate on the pond in the winter and would sled down the hill when I was younger. I also attended the elementary school on the other side of the park. My friends and I would ride our bikes to the swim club also on the other side of the park. I see young families moving in the neighborhood who will experience the same things I did. Now that I'm leaving for college I will be sad to leave the area but I'm glad to see a new crop of young children ready to experience what I did.
There is some crime but I generally feel safe
Great area that gets a little to gloomy in winter
Police are not even a mile away and I feel completely safe walking in my neighborhood alone. I've left the garage door open a few times over night and nothing happened to me.
There are lots of stores, gas stations, and fast food places where people can get jobs. The biggest store around would probably be target down the street.
CVS is just down the street and its 24/7. Whenever I need something quick I can quickly get in my car and get what I need.
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