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52 reviews
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Great place for daytime adventures, not a lot of night-life activities. The school is worn down a lot
I love the selection of dining and shopping in Beverly Hills as it is the best in the world. I truly believe something can be done about the traffic. It effects everyone negatively and would be a huge improvement on such a wonderful city.
Beverly Hills is more than just movie stars and fancy cars. I have been a resident of Beverly Hills for the past four years and I couldn't think of a more friendly and beautiful city to explore and live in. The local Farmers Market is a great place to visit by yourself or can make it a family event, the smell of fresh strawberries and blueberries fill the air, as everyone line up to get a tasty homemade baked good treat. The atmosphere is almost like a neighborhood block party with great music, friendly faces and so many booths to try new things made and grown here in California. And after visiting the farmers market, the Beverly Hills park is a great place to relax and just enjoy the view of beautiful trees, its also the perfect backdrop to take family photos. The best thing about Beverly Hills is that everything is so accessible, whether you're looking to do a little shopping or take an evening stroll through the park, everything is within walking distance.
Affluent neighborhood, main industry is tourism. Very active and political hierarchy in town affairs. Demographics, unlike common belief, is mostly wealthy middle easterners.
Beverly Hills is an amazing place. Granted, it is full of rich and famous people; but overall, it's so much more than that. It is a city laden with parks, local families, good food, well-dressed people, and successful businesses planted on clean city streets, and frequented by the affluent and middle class, alike. Beverly Hills just tries to be a city in which the neighborhoods are safe, the houses are tasteful, and the middle class exist.
i love this area is the most beautiful and safest neighborhood
I love the area I live in. I am very thankful to live in a safe and nurturing community. I love that everything is so close and that I am in the heart of LA. In the future, I see the community become greener and more energy efficient
I like the general atmosphere of the area that I live in. However, I wish that the people would be a little bit less snooty about themselves and what they own.
It's great but it would be nice if they reach out more and maintain communication.
I am very grateful to have security very easily accessible.
The housing is beautiful but unfortunately way too costly.
The weather is very pleasurable and allows inhabitants to live comfortably.
The food and drinks and many places are very delicious, yet they are corned at making money and overcharge the customers.
There are lots of wonderful job opportunities with great staffing; however the process of being hired takes a while.
The Local Business is great. They provided customer satisfaction for me, where they were thoughtful and considerate in my position of being a consumer.
The housing here is undeniably beautiful. Many houses have withstood the test of time and continue to do so. The problem is maintenance and cost of living. Rent keeps increasing with no reason given and problems that should be dealt with immediately like electric issues take a very long time to be resolved. There was a week we were without power to no fault of our own and the efforts to fix the matter were extremely lackadaisical.
There is no sense of community in this area. There are no local events or celebrations. Anything that does happen is extremely rare and simply a way for the city to get more money. Most people are very nasty towards one another and frequently give each other problems leading to further distancing in the community.
I've never had any concern for my safety living in this area. I frequently walk out at late night and feel absolutely secure. I do however wish the police were around more because there always is the slight chance that something could happen.
It's nearly impossible to complain about the weather here, it's rather lukewarm throughout the year and the exact depiction of California one would imagine. The weather remaining so consistent simplifies my life immensely as I very often know how to prepare. The drought however is a major issue because the city of Beverly Hills is getting hit hard with their massive water consumption and everybody here will be affected by it.
The food here is fantastic as there are plenty of options as to what to eat and getting sick of the food is nearly impossible but things are so expensive. For those on a budget there's some great sandwich places but after a while with that being the only option that gets sickening. I can't speak too much on the drinks and club life as I'm eighteen but I do know the nightlife here is very busy and the city is nearly always awake. It's also a big plus that Hollywood is nearby so there is pretty much always something to do.
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