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I currently live in Beverly Hills and the main things that I enjoy about living there is that there are sidewalks on the main road so that you can walk without being in the road. There is a community park which also includes a baseball field and walking trail. The commute to work isn't too bad either. There are the basic necessities close by and for my cost of living its quite inexpensive. There are a lot of families who live there and the county doesn't have a lot of places for kids to go to keep them occupied and out if trouble so some kids ride there bikes around, go for walks, and the occasional prank. However, I have not had any confrontations or conflicts while living here.
I think Beverly Hills is a decent place to live. The schools I attended in the area are relatively safe and the staff are more than willing to accommodate for students with disabilities (like myself). A local library makes it easier to find reading material and give young people something to do. Friendly and tidy neighbors are somewhat to be desired for, as many seem to prefer to mind their own business, but I've hardly ever felt unsafe. Overall, if you're looking for a good school, a place to spend your time, and some privacy, this is the place to be.
Beverly Hills has the small town vibe many people from the city want until you live there for a few months. Everything closes at 8pm and once you've seen it, you've seen it all. The people are friendly and there are hidden gems such as springs in forests and great food.
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Beverly hills is not for the young. It's mostly elderly people. Nothing to do for younger crowd unless u like the bar scene.
Great experience, just moved here from up north in Massachusetts, the town is quiet and it is very peaceful. The only thing I would change which Is in process is that the highway be extended to make it easier to commute to Tampa or anywhere that way.
What I like about Beverly Hills is that it has a low cost of living for houses that are pretty average while what I would like to see a change in is the upkeep of some of the houses and businesses around the area.
I've lived in Beverly Hills off and on for about 12 years now. It's a nice quiet neighborhood. People are nice and respectful. I like that is a clean and quiet place to live. It's a great place to raise children. The only negative thing is we need more to do. There also needs to be more places to eat. For example fast food restaurant's.
The area is not perfect. The neighbors are not particularly friendly nor tidy, but the environment is quite nice. I felt that if we had better neighbors and people who actually cared about keeping the environment friendly, then it would be much nicer.
It is a very quaint town, small, but wholesome. The people are a mix of troublesome and decent. The overpopulation of Elderly and the Younger Generations are a constant conflict. The Natural aspect of Nature and semi Lively attractions of the nearby cities and towns is perfect.
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