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I have lived in Beverly since 2012. We have beautiful beaches and lots of restaurant. Most development is being consumed by developers and rent has skyrocketed. I am lucky to live in a 2 family with my sons where the rent is not bad at all. Beverly has a lot of parks adjacent to the beaches. It really is a wonderful place to have your kids grow up.
Beverly might be the perfect little city. Plenty of restaurants and nightlife, parks, art galleries, two colleges, beaches, coffee shops galore, the best-ever consignment store (Plum), all just a 30-minute Commuter Rail ride from Boston.
The town itself is filled with very friendly people. It als has many resource such as banks, food centers, supermarkets and pharmacies. However, there are not many scholarships for students studying addictions
Great City to live in. Close to ocean and wooded areas. Recreational parks and pretty beaches. Small downtown area with some nice restaurants. There is also a great historical history of Beverly that is interesting. There are many neighborhoods with a lot of community involvement.
Very Nice homes, but too expensive.
Some people are too snobby in certain areas.
I have never felt unsafe in Beverly.
Born & raised here. Only complaint: long winters.
Beverly is a nice town if you want to be away from the city but still be able to get to places. It is crossed by a major highway and a few smaller ones so its convenient to get places! There is few small colleges near by so they keep businesses going very when the economy lulls a little. There is really cute restaurants and other store all around.
some areas are worse than other
polive are very reliable and considerate
beverly is honestly the best. it has a variety for everyone's needs and likes
Crime is uncommon. I feel safe walking around Beverly.
Cabot Street gives Beverly a walkable downtown center.
There is not much crime here. The police are always on top of their game and take full initiative if something doesn't seem right.
I have grown up near Beverly my whole life and it is a great city. It has a lot to do, filled with great people and has nice/well-known beaches. I live near the beach and it is nice to always see people walking by with their families or pets. Everyone is so active, motivated and friendly around me. I am young, but I could definitely see myself raising a family here in the future.
I have seldom seen acts of crime take place while in this area. Although, not unlike all areas of any community, there is some crime that takes place, but here it is very minimal.
I loved growing up in this area. There are great restaurants to go to, and lovely small businesses in the downtown area of the city. One can have a pleasant conversation with almost anyone they run into, which is one of my favorite aspects of the area. Even though it is slowly becoming more industrial, it still holds the quaint charm to which I've been accustomed all my life.
This has been a great area to grow up in and live in.
I am reviewing my area of Beverly. The city has a wide range of areas from very poor, to very rich. The past three years especially I have seen my area nose dive from blue collar to welfare recipient. It seems that the city has accepted section 8 welfare recipients by the truck load. It is beginning to look no different than Lynn. Crime has risen, and also tell tale signs of urban decay such as graffiti and abandoned cars, and extreme property neglect have begun to show.

Local politicians are unresponsive to needs and just do not care, roads are in poor shape, which is disgusting considering the tax rate property owners are charged. Traffic congestion has also reached unbearable levels as well. Police department and fire are the few bright spots. I have dealt with the police especially on a number of times and they were extremely helpful. They are very professional and courteous compared to others in surrounding communities.

In short, if you like Beverly, move to an area like Centerville, North Beverly, or Beverly Farms.
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