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I've been a lifelong resident and the city has become corrupt and overcrowded.
Rents are Prohibitive for just about anyone looking for an affordable rental or home to purchase.

Once, a beautiful sleepy town that was one of the North Shore's best kept secrets has become an overcrowded "Anytown USA" filled with corruption, pollution and overpriced everything.
Beverly is an excellent town with a vibrant downtown life. There are young and old alike living in the town. The real estate is a hot commodity in Beverly. Many young families are looking for starter homes or apartments that they can commute to and from Boston from. Excellent city all around!
They have a variety of cafes and parks which makes it an area with space to socialize. There are plenty of outdoor trails and reservations for hikes, walks and runs, catering to an active community. Throughout the year, the City of Beverly hosts a number of community engagement events from 5ks to the Beverly Block Party and New Years Eve Celebration. In downtown beverly, there are many great local restaurants to choose from with all the variety one could imagine; indian, mexican, american, japanese, chinese and more. In regards to school system, Beverly is defintiely in need of work. I would say their public school system is average to below average- they need to invest in qualified teachers who are passionate and engaged in the student learning process. From my own exerience, I can say I wish they had better prepared me for college and other life changes.
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Beverly is a blue collar town with solid people living in it. The problem with Beverly like most towns in eastern Ma, housing costs are prohibitive.
Beverly has a wonderful variety of downtown, quiet suburbs, and recreational areas. The downtown boasts entertainment venues, restaurants, cafes, and local artisans. The suburbs are full of historic and modern homes. Beverly also has beaches, parks, and public gardens. All of this is secluded and quiet, but it also is a short drive or Commuter Rail ride to Boston!
Beverly is a big city but you can't tell. With the one middle school and one high school, the kids within the city spend their teen years together from 5th-12th grade . There is also several beaches and parks within Beverly that are within walking distance from the downtown area.
I moved to Beverly almost a year ago! I love the area and I love that I'm near downtown. It is also a much closer commute to work
Beverly Massachusetts resembles a typical northern and left leaning suburb, one that a couple would move out a city for to raise a family in, and live a quiet and joyful lifestyle. Most people are friendly and welcoming, and you have a sense of safety and comfort wherever you go. The downtown is scattered with small, family owned stores, that will recognize each customer as they know them from church, school, or some other local organization. Children often receive a blissful school experience, with their peers living just blocks away. Parks an beaches are never far, and family and friend can enjoy weekends outside in mild weather. Beverly is typical, and there are many towns just like it. However, I believe typical should imply high quality, apart from average, as that must be why there are many places just like my town. If my definition of the word ‘typical’ is ever adopted, I have no doubts Beverly Massachusetts will be a shining example.
Beverly is one of the most beautiful places on the north shore. There's multiple beaches, hiking trails, beautiful homes,and lovely people. Not only do we get to experience the beauty of this town, but we also get to enjoy the local delicious restaurants such as Alma, Frank, Punta Cana Dominican Grill, Dom's Pizza, Mikado, and we even have a few breweries (brewery crawl anyone?). This is the best place I've lived and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
Beautiful town, amazing community, love to live there, beautiful beaches and the traffic is not that bad
Beverly is a great city with wonderful cafes and good people! Downtown is quaint and lovely. Beautiful views along the water with nice beaches.
There’s an art college and so it’s very artsy. There are a lot of kind people. Lynch Park is really nice and the city gets together there sometimes. In Beverly, you have access to many beaches on the north shore. The MBTA commuter rail can take you right to Boston. It’s a very nice city to live in.
Beverly is a very beautiful town. Cabot street resembles a shopping district. Very close to the ocean!
Beverly is a very nice small city on the North Shore. There are many nice parks in Beverly along the water like Lynch Park, Independence Park and O'Bear Park. The schools are pretty good. There are nice beaches in Beverly like West Beach in Beverly Farms. There is much to do just outside of Beverly as well like Downtown Salem, the Salem Willows, Stage Fort Park, Bearskin Neck and many other places in Salem, Gloucester and Rockport. There are several housing projects but they aren't that bad. Beverly has a very low crime rate. There are many great neighborhoods like Beverly Farms, Prides Crossing, Rial Side and North Beverly. Beverly Farms and Prides Crossing are very wealthy with beautiful, big houses.
Gorgeous and historical seaside town with a busy, up-and-coming downtown area. It's nicknamed The Garden City. There are many young entrepeneurs and business owners. It's more of a green city with a plastic bag ban and composting service available by a local company. There are also so many dogs!
My mother's side of the family has grown up in Beverly MA, and my grandparent had just celebrated their 53rd year living in Beverly. Growing up being apart of this town is something I am grateful for. The community is unlike those found anywhere else. As a child, I loved going down to Dane Street Beach and playing on the old playground, or walking to the library and spending hours in the children's room. As I rent in Beverly for school, I am still shocked at the positivity of this town. When you walk down town, everyone will great you with a smile and a genuine "How are you today?". I love the small, close knit town of Beverly as it was such a positive town to grow up around.
A great change from the city life I was used to tons of restaurants and places to see, beautiful beaches
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This small city has so much to offer... beaches, parks, shopping, commuter rail to Boston, decent schools and churches. There is a mix of population- from very rich (Beverly Farms) to homeless (River Street shelter). There are 3 Colleges in town, art and theaters, small coffee shops and plenty of pizza places (mom & pop style). The city has several neighborhoods that are pretty tight-knit (Ryal Side, Centerville, Cove...) The Cummings Center, a revived shoe machinery factory is a small city within the city of Beverly with offices, doctors, nail salons, even a doggie daycare. The only downfall with this city is the drive to "revive" the downtown/waterfront area by building mid-rise condos everywhere. This, along with the Cummings Center has caused a lot of traffic.
Beverly is a clean city right on the ocean. There are many beaches to go to, like Lynch Park. Cabot Street is lined with a variety of shops and restaurants. There are multiple parks for families to go to for recreation, and the high school and middle school buildings are new. One thing to be changed is to rid of the four recreational marijuana shops soon to be coming to Beverly.
Something I like about the public school system in Beverly is that the teachers, for the most part, are all very nice and do a good job at teaching students. I feel like the Beverly Public Schools system is not to bad overall. I would just adjust the fact that when there are going to be school delays or closings they do not update families about it until the last minute. This could be very frustrating because some parents drive their kids to school and it really doesn't make it easier when the city announces a school closing an hour and a half before the school opens. Cabot St. has many restaurants and cool places to go. The restaurants are pretty good, some of my favorites are A&B Burgers, La Victoria and En Fuego. One thing I'd change about Beverly is the diversity. It just isn't a very diverse community and me being African American, I stick out like a sore thumb in certain areas of Beverly.
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