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39 reviews
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Bettendorf is a nice town to live in because it is large enough to have diverse amenities but small enough that it has a "neighborhood community" feeling.
I have only been living here for about 8 months and I have got to say that I love this area. I'm so close to everything- shopping, grocery stores, hospitals, schools, you name it. The area is very new and clean and one thing I love is that it is very outdoorsy. There is a dog park right around the corner from my house that sits in front of tons of parks and hiking trails. I know in the future I will have to move again for work and I am going to be sad to leave here.
I love Bettendorf! I grew up here and it was such a great place for me and my family! There is a great mix of things to do for both adults and families and you will definitely stay busy!
The town is very welcoming and the schools are great. There are lots of restaurants to choose from, and lots of shopping as well.
There seems to be a rising crime rate in the Davenport area, which is close to Bettendorf where I live. I work in Davenport, so I am concerned about the safety on my daily commute.
There is a decent amount of things to do in the Quad City area. However, compared to other places, the options are still limited. There is rising crime, restaraunts that cannot stay open, and behavior problems in a lot of the schools.
There are a lot of beautiful homes whether new or dated are all over Bettendorf. Not a lot of vacant houses, but there are some.
Everybody has each other's back and are extremely friendly.
It's not the worst, but it's not the best either. Crime has increase, but luckily it is non violent crime.
It is a very safe community, and it will be a great place to raise a family.
Bettendorf is an amazing place to live! My neighbors are amazing. We worried about moving into an apartment due to all the complications we might have, but so far are really enjoying it. The apartment itself is a little run-down, but the owner is great working with everyone!
One of the biggest reasons I live in Bettendorf is the school systems here. Not just the K-12 but also the community college as well. Other great things about Bettendorf are that the city does an excellent job of keeping the area clean, low crime, timely snow removal, and great upkeep of the roads. The only thing that can make living in Bettendorf difficult is the cost of renting/owning is higher than average for a smaller size of home. I equate this to the diligence of the schools as well as city employees.
I enjoy living in this friendly neighborhood.
Housing is pretty expensive here. All of the houses are pretty nice though. The areas in Bettendorf are all nice to live in as well.
There are many things to do outside such as sports or activities like hiking or running. The parks here are nice however there are no national parks near us and very little wildlife. Pollution is not much of a problem here.
It is a great place to grow up and live even though there is not much to do. I would live here again and could see myself living here in the future.
Never any traffic or congestion for those driving. Everything is pretty close to each other and very safe to walk or ride a bicycle to. Lots of parking availability all over the city.
A lot of people like to raise families in this area because the area is very nice and safe and has some tremendous schools. Popular things in this area include whitey's, figge, modern woodman park, the iWireless center, and more.
Very safe area, hardly any crime ever
Police/fire station is always on the scene fast. Not sure how I feel about the local laws or local representatives, state reps, or governors.
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