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Bethpage has a homey feel to its neighborhood, and a good school system.
There are many stores in close proximity. Nature preserves are close by, and the beach isn't a long drive which is convenient.

I have lived in Bethpage my entire life, and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Bethpage has it all - amazing restaurants, ice cream shops, parks and rec, job opportunities, and more! It is the perfect place if you want to live in a super safe neighborhood with fast access to both the beach and the city. Since it is centrally located on Long Island, it is really easy to go to NYC or to any beach, on the north or south shores!

Can't say enough good things about this lovely Long Island town.
Very nice neighborhood to grow up in. Enjoy the school district, Plainedge. Close to the beach as well
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Bethpage is known for its famous Bethpage Black golf course at the Bethpage State Park, but it is so much more than that. The history of this small town goes back to the 1850's. To live here is really to have the feel of community. We are a diverse group of people who in times of need all pull toghether to help one another. The way it should be. There are lots of things to do in Bethpage, The Bethpage State Park for golf, bike riding, picknicing, hiking, polo and ball playing. The Bethpage Community Park for indoor ice skating and multiple pools in the summer, tennis, handball and a skate park. There are lots of stores, restaurants and community events going on year round. It is a great place to visit and an even better place to live!
The town is small and great. Very family friendly and a very good school district. There are a handful of great restaurants and places to eat with new ones always opening up. A few good parks, and pretty safe neighborhood. Very clean and taken care of by the community.
Bethpage is a very family oriented neighborhood. The school district is very good with realitivly small classes. Small family run businesses add to the neighborhood.
Bethpage is a wonderful town. Lot's of places nearby with varieties of good food. It has some great public school, elementary to high school. All the teachers are excellent and the student body is taught well. There are fun things to do around Bethpage, visit the local bowling alley, golfing, beaches etc. Neighbors are nice, no problems in general. Safe town with friendly atmosphere and good work life.
My husband and I have recently bought a house in Bethpage, NY in the Plainedge School District. We live in a very quiet neighborhood, with very nice and welcoming neighbors. The convenience of living here is that everything is at an arm's length. You don't have to drive more than 3 minutes to get to a supermarket or even a restaurant. The small shops are one minute away from where we live which is walking distance and the whole town as a whole is a very tight warm community. The Bethpage library is one of the best because of the children's area. There are many different toys and activities for kids to keep them busy and they set up many activities during the week and on weekends. The parkways are also very close by to get to the main expressways so transportation is very easy. It really is a great place to live!
I have lived in Bethpage since I was 1 years old. This town has allowed me to create memories and friendships that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Living in certain parts of Bethpage allows you to attend various schools. The part of Bethpage that I live in allows me to go to Island Trees school district. As a student here I am thankful this is the school I was sent to because I have various opportunities aligned for me in the community and school. Although Bethpage school district is probably just as amazing as Island Trees is, my school is a great help in allowing the students to get involved in events in the Bethpage community. Being from Bethpage and some of my family being from here too gives me a great feeling about this town and I cannot wait to raise my children here, just like my parents.
Overall Bethpage, NY is the ideal neighborhood. Growing up in Bethpage I felt safe to walk home alone, even if it was later into the evening. This town is truly the center of the island. For example during Hurricane Sandy damage to Bethpage was minimal. The town takes care of matters such Sandy quickly and efficiently. We have an excellent school system with amazing teachers. Are you hungry? Bethpage has a wide variety of different cuisines to locally choose from! Chinese, Japanese, Italian and now Greek. Bethpage is a great place to call 'home'.
This is an area with many families with young children. The businesses are welcoming, clean, and decently priced. The school district is like a family as long as you're willing to let it be. Teachers and faculty actually push students to become better. Crime is not much of a problem in the town of Bethpage. Except for the occasional underage drinking party, which is a normal thing for any town. The sports teams do well, and bond together. My overall experience of living in Bethpage all my life has been pleasant.
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