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Where I live is pretty boring. First off it is out in the middle of nowhere and you have to drive at least an hour to get somewhere.
Navarre is amazing its calm simple and there is opportunities
Its amaing in navarre everyone come and see how great it is
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Navarre is the best place in Ohio by far, no contest.
There are many nearby lakes for water activities, There are many path for hiking and biking. There is the towpath which provides a beautiful place to hike. There could be more parks to preserve the beauty of this area.
The winter is cold and dreary, but fall and spring are beautiful and pleasant. Summer can be humid, but overall it is nice. There are minimal natural disasters, the only one of concern is flodding. The most essential items for winter are boots and warm coats.
It is a great area to grow up. The schools are small and everyone knows one another. You can feel fairly safe and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. Unfortunately I see the area to continue to grow, but it will lose some of it's small town atmosphere.
Houses range from historic to new. Most are traditional, there are not to many modern looking homes. There is some abandoned properties like the old K-mart building, but most are occupied. The isn't any particular best area to live. Each community has a nice area.
Of course there is Walmart and there is a small mall which offers some retail stores. Popular stores is the Harley Davidson store and there are many Amish local shops that provide retail like furniture, lawn and garden, crafts, etc.
There are many local restaurants ranging from Italian to Chinese. The night life is very minimal. There are foodchain restaurants like McDonalds, Wendys, etc. , but not foodchains like Panera's or Chipotles.
We have many festivals in the community as well as a big Amish community which attracts considerable tourists.. We are also near the Football Hall of Fame and this community has many nice golf courses.
Overall it is a pretty safe area, it appears that most crimes are drug related. Visibility of police is quite prevalent.
The police don't seem to get involved with the community like they once do. They are here doing their job. Most fire stations are volunteer and provide excellent service. I do like some of our local and state representatives, but we seem to be looked over a lot when it comes to improvements for our cities and schools.
There is a boom in the oil industry and it is creating economic growth and employment in the area. Most people work for local industries in the area such as Slumberger, other oil industries, Timken, hospital, Allied machine, local restaurants, etc.
The area has a mix of very physically active to not physically active. There seems to be a rise in obesity. The exercise facilities are okay. Many go to the YMCA but it is not in a convenient location for most people. Because the majority of people are blue collar they cannot afford fitness facilities. There is a nice hospital in the area, but it is not a level I, but it is convenient and serves the area well
There is a strong sense of community with local festivals and parades. Normally people live into there 70's, but seems to be a high rate of cancer. The area is pet friendly as well. Most people have a dog or cat.
Highway 77 runs North to south and easy access to Turnpike and Route 70 which run East to West. The state has recently installed the towpath along the old Erie canal which provides nice walking and biking paths. The local roads are twisty and windy due to the hills. There isn't much in public transportation in our area.
Review Bethlehem Township
The area is mostly blue collar hard working people who are conservative. This is a very friendly area where everyone talks to one another and there to help one another out. The diversity is mainly Caucasian, with a minimal population of African Americans, Hispanic, and Amish.
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