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Bethlehem Township Reviews

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Bethlehem has workers that walk the streets cleaning everyday. You can see them in the yellow jackets. Main Street has a lot of restaurants for you to try for the nightlife. Peaceful town to live in.
I have been here since 5th grade and I feel like its a very safe friendly area to live in. I never felt unsafe here and people are so great and very nice!
I have lived in Bethlehem my entire life. It's small and some people dislike it but I enjoy it here. There's always something going on and new places, shows, restaurants. It is very up and coming but still has that historic charm to it on Main St and especially during Christmas time, thanks to the City of Bethlehem and many non-profit companies taking the time to decorate and really make it the Christmas City.
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My intitula oorion when first moving here: It’s a large city with a small town feel. People are friendly and respectful.
Times have changed since moving her over 9 years ago. Overdevelopment has changed my initial view in the is town. It’s unfortunate to see these negative changes. People are not as firemsly or polite.
Close to everything, stores, and highways. Very quiet community, great place to live, work and play.
I enjoy the surroundings to my neighborhood and that every activity is close by and there is so much to do within a decent area!
There's plenty of fun places to go and cool things to do. Very safe and comfortable for a family. Many schools that do very well.
Overall I feel like Bethlehem Twp is a great place to raise a family. Downtown Bethlehem is a great place to visit and has quaint family owned shops and great restaurants.
Not much crime at alll, police seem to instigate situations. Police hide from public, when they should be visible for help at all times.
Bethlehem is a great area, it is close to Philadelphia and New York. There are many restaurants and shops in the direct vicinity. Everything you need is right around you.
Surrounding towns are coming into a safe town and causing problems
Moved here when I was 7 years old. It is a great area to live in. I feel safe, and surroundings are beautiful. I live next to a park which offers a lot.
The police are around and happy to give traffic violations, but not come when you need them. They are condescending and inattentive to emergency situations. I generally feel safe in my own home, but there are definitely neighborhoods that should be watched more closely.
I grew up in the Lehigh Valley, so I've seen the rapid changes over the past 23 years. This area is definitely up and coming, but it does not offer opportunities available in bigger cities such as Philadelphia and New York City. However, the cost of living is more affordable and this area is historical and charming.
Everyone is a part of the community in some way, and you kind of have to be.
I have enjoyed all the activities and the location to easy access to NY, beach, Philly
I hear stories often of domestic disturbances and incidents of gun control issues, but despite the bad things that are common not only here, but in the rest of the country, safety is decent.
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This area is a great place to raise children because of all of the arts, athletics, neighborhoods, and schools.
There is always something to do living in this area. The best is all the free concerts at Levitt Pavillion, which is backed up by the stacks from Bethlehem Steel
The general atmosphere of my particular neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods is pleasant and there is an overall feeling of security, but as you travel outward into the downtown areas it is less pleasant and the feeling of security diminishes. Every once in a while you will run into a car driver that disregards state laws and creates a dangerous atmosphere on the road. My particular neighborhood is beautiful and generally very peaceful. In other parts of town, the area is very crowded and not well kept.
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