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Once you get away from city limits the area has a lot to offer as far as outdoor activities.
Out of town people are frequently brought it to do jobs that are our major source of employment increase.
Food and drink is alright. Quality is worse than quantity. There are many options all of which either have a bar or serve the same type of food. Straying from the norm is a risk. We'd rather stay in and cook anymore!
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The cost of living rose with the natural gas industry bringing in out of town workers. Likewise the decency of the people declined. There has been overwhelming amounts of disrespect and ignorance growing in this valley. Either from those out of town who give no regard to once decent moral standings or from those who are from here who are tired of dealing with them. It becomes a bit outrageous when you no longer feel safe taking your daily walks down the main stretch of the town. I have no desire to reside within city limits. If I do stay in the area it will be only to be close to my family as they grow older and I will likely have a PO box in the country side where the filth no longer reaches. If it would return to its previous ''small town'' atmosphere before the invasion then I would find it a fitting, positive place to live.
This area has come to lay in a major trafficking interstate for drugs according to the local drug task force. Our area has come into contact with a new source of revenue as well as the natural gas industry has encroached over the last several years. Our crime rate seems to have worsened as well as the drug abuse. All around alcohol abuse has always been a problem especially with the youths. In my direct location however it is fairly nice and people seem to take to the streets for walking, jogging and biking the first sign of a warm day. I can say the majority of the people either vary to the end of the unhealthy and over weight or exact opposite. A fair medium is poor to find.
There is not a lot for youth to do around the area our main bowling lanes were torn down within the past year. A lot of the time you can drive past McDonald's and see a lot of teens hanging out around there. There is a movie theater but hard to go to when funds are short and inflation is high. One thing I am glad they put in is a local skate park for many who participate in the sports. For those of us who are uncoordinated the main attraction for us are the local streams and lakes. Fishing and hiking seem to be favored among the favored activities around the area. They top my list.
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