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Living in Bethlehem can be a joyful adventure and a devastating atmosphere. While it is famous for its Steel Stacks history and Musikfest, there isn't much enjoyment out here. The city is diverse, but there are a limited amount of activities to participate in.
I love that there's always something going on and it's so easy to just stumble onto local events! Bethlehem has become such a hotspot for tourists and residents alike! I have lived here my entire life, but the city is constantly updating to meet the needs of residents.
The people in Bethlehem are unlike any other town. There are a variety of places to go and a lot of the people you will meet are welcoming and understanding. I enjoy living here and it is a wonderful place to grow up at.
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The Southside of Bethlehem has to be the worst neighborhood I've ever lived in. 79% of people there are unfriendly and rude.
The attractions are great. Lots of awesome dining. Cool little casino with an awesome concept to save the past history of the steel industry in the city. Lots of unique things do that, unfortunately for locals, is not really feasible.
I found employment fairly easy once I got there. Honestly and in closing I will say that living there changed me for sure. I'd never live there again. Not even if I was paid to. But visiting wouldn't be so bad, pertaining to dining and The Sands
It is an okay town for some. It isn't much for the kids raised here. If visiting or attending college it is a different perspective.
The diversity sucks. It is a rich white person-run city. There is hardly anything to do after dark. Colleges have 3 frat houses so parties are super limited and are usually ended by a fire department showing up.
Let me tell you about Bethlehem. It is filled with a bunch of people who have never left the City and I don't plan on moving back.
Minorities in race are very few and far between. Almost everyone is accepting of everyone based on race/sex/sexual orientation/ political beliefs etc. but again it is hard to find minorities.
Bethlehem is a pretty suburban town with good schools. However, there is an obvious wealth gap as you travel around and just outside the town. There are no sidewalks and investment in infrastructure is necessary. Public transportation should also receive focus in order to provide town-accessibility for senior citizens and teenagers.
Bethlehem is a quiet city, with a very friendly community of people. Maybe it's too quiet, but I can't help but deny that it represents the suburban American Dream for those dreaming of it.
There's not a lot to do here. I do like that there is a wide variety of food, but it is difficult to find quality food at grocery stores.
Bethlehem has been a great place to live. I have lived here for the last six years and I have felt very pleased with the environment. There are always police alert around the neighborhood and are very friendly as well.
I Bethlehem is an awesome place to live and go to school. It is very diverse and versatile. Although I have not lived here long, the atmosphere in downtown Bethlehem embodies an urban village vibe. It is certainly unique.
Bethlehem is a really cut town but also a really bland town north of Philly and west of NYC. There are some really bad neighborhoods that has fallen into poverty pretty much because of the closing of the Bethlehem Steel Mill. There are a few good food options and the area where all the citizens and such live in downtown are great for dining out.
Police Need to Get to Work – We have an accredited police force, which is saying something for the city of Bethlehem. However, while the officers are nice and do care about this city, they need to start focusing on the crime and start patrolling the city. In the last couple of years, muggings have been increasing and moving farther and farther on to the south side of Bethlehem. Some of the residents have also had several break-ins recently, along with the campus houses of Lehigh University. The government would rather see the cops spend money on hiring additional patrol officers than buying themselves new patrol cars. When you’re in a certain part of town, if you in a group, you're fine, but you need to be aware of your surroundings–the neighborhood around the school can get kinda sketchy. Downtown Bethlehem is very historic.
There are many places to discover and go out with family and friends. Known to be one of the best Christmas cities
Bethlehem has many good restaurants, stores, colleges, and nightlife. It can have a city feel while also giving you cute little neighborhoods. And you should see this town around Christmas!
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Bethlehem is a very diverse city--in terms of the people, schools, job opportunities, and history. I think it's very unique. I love our city's history and how it influences daily lives, even the lives of those who haven't been here for generations (like my family and I). People are very friendly and the community, while diverse, is unified. One thing I'd like to see changed is our public schools. Teachers need to be evaluated and overseen more carefully by administration.
Safety is a major concern. Living in certain areas of Bethlehem you have to be vigilant of your surroundings. The police in Hanover Twp does all they can to curb the crime but Bethlehem Police are more worried about the underage drinking than the crime ridden area.
We have really great events like Musikfest and some nice malls. The place gets pretty chill and quiet if nothing's going on to be honest, but you can always find something to do if you're bored.
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